Business x engineering? What chemical reaction can be produced?


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this science fiction story began 15 years ago.

2001 years, Elon Musk, musk and his friends Adio Risi chatting with how to dispose of their wealth, the whim, they decided to go to < span style = "color RGB (0, 12, 52);" > "look at space has no what to do".

when Musk on NASA's website, actually found that" I think they have on the road to Mars, what the results are not. " So musk in Utah, an aerospace consultant Jim Cantrell, they hit it off, pull the Rui Xi began begin their "Mars".

in fact, originally they only want to buy rockets in Europe or Russia, "mouse or food crops, sent to Mars, has aroused the concern of the public, tell all over the world, there are two rich guy can go to Mars. Besides, don't have him." But because the Rockets are asking too much, Mask said to Cantrell, "style= color:" RGB " I think we can build our own rockets."
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in Rio de Janeiro Lu holiday beach, musk began reading a book called "Rocket Propulsion Principle" book. Although he did have a degree in physics, but after all, is not a rocket scientist, but in the end he read all over the University of Cantrell teaching materials, lists the progress of the rocket made plans. Style= color: "RGB " is the difference between him and Jobs: Apple's technology is not the core of Jobs, and Mask himself is a genius engineer. Style= text-align: "justify box-sizing:; border-box > "

SpaceX came into being. Musk's ambition is the commercial launch market rocket launching cost reduce 90%, in the future to 10 million people send Mars planetary migration.

and Dell, Nucor steel and so on enterprise innovation, SpaceX and no large research and development laboratory, not Dr. corps, without government subsidies, they use is mature technology and equipment, the < span style = "color RGB (0, 12, 52);" > innovation but is small improvements in the production process has made one of minimizing the cost.

in SpaceX, any way to save money as long as the effective, all can be a try. Financial is very flexible, as long as the cost may be reduced, on the budget, buy equipment. Start a business, everyone is a shareholder, are trying to save every dollar. The United States aerospace expert Howard Mckuld said: "
musk secret not in technology, and in the budget control.

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it can be said that Mask is" success will be his business acumen and technology engineering combined with

to a madman grand industrial heroism creating great new business opportunities.

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teamed up with

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(Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sci Ence)

"the innovation center" style= "

for the business school innovation and development is particularly important, many entrepreneurs and investors are in urgent need of such a skill -- keeping pace with the dynamic development of cutting-edge technology, to understand the creation of commercial value, and the engineering research tools innovatively applied to commercial operation.

" from the beginning of the founding, the Yangtze River business school hope become Shang Xuejiao education field in real leading innovator. " Yangtze River Business School founded, President of the China business and globalization professor Xiangbing said Dr. < span style = "font size: 14px; line-height: 28px; issues justify; background-color: RGB (239, 239, 239);" >, "today, subversive innovation of science and technology brings Mei greatly lift. As a business school, we should be aware of the importance of science and technology, but also to have a comprehensive vision and innovative spirit. We hope to develop the business leaders can in the stream of disruptive innovation capability. At the same time, we will also be working to lead more humane care of the innovation of science and technology. "

Cheung Kong Graduate School of business and Columbia University Engineering School (hereinafter referred to as the brother of the Faculty of Engineering) cooperation will promote with the business knowledge engineering research framework and tools of further deepening and the achievements in the research of science and engineering can also get further application in the field of business.

the two schools teamed up < strong > is to explore the new cross-border business school and the school of engineering, is the Yangtze River Business School in the field of management education leading subversive innovation. < / strong > through the integration of science and technology innovation and business model and innovative ideas, release new energy technology and business innovation. The knowledge of business and engineering research through integration, Cheung Kong Graduate School of business following the pioneering work in 2004 will humanities courses into business education, 2015 to achieve the business school and the school of government cross-border joint after another, also is the Yangtze River business school promote social innovation and the layout of the long - term strategy and a stride ahead.

2016 in April, < strong > the Yangtze River Business School and Columbia University cooperation is to explore new cross-border business school and the school of engineering. < / strong > through the integration of science and technology innovation and business model and innovative ideas, release technology and business innovation, promote economic development, social harmony and progress of the positive energy transfer.

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, the Yangtze River Business School and the Columbia University engineering


such as curriculum setting,

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