Embarrassed! What dress were falling in spike supermodel

Where the supermodel spike caps skirt

beiqingwangyule· 2016-07-13 21:10:16

2016 in July 7th, where the spike and popular supermodel Liu Chang attended a fashion event. "He Xiangu" dressed in a black strapless dress, makes skin white, slender.

is not the clothes size does not fit, or ear momentary carelessness, in the event of a substantial decline in the skirt was exposing the chest stickers, what spike and the presence of the ten guests are embarrassed.

27 year old Sui he is a real Wenzhou girl, she is not only an international supermodel, has four consecutive board "Vitoria's Secret annual show, creating Asian models of history. Figure why "Victoria's Secret" spike catwalk show good figure. Class= img_box "

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