Only SPARtool is enough to survive in the wild

To survive in the wild the crowbar outdoor life convenience

1Gear· 2016-07-13 22:29:26

is an outdoor sports enthusiast, often outdoor sports will not less outdoor camping life, until not a decent tool can cope with a variety of outdoor environment, today Xiaobian to introduce a -SPARtool outdoor multifunctional shovel, complete design, combination of various functions, full range armed with your outdoor life!

this versatile outdoor shovel by Stewart Yeoh design from Utah of Utah, made and designed for outdoor, outdoor life and life to create, no matter how arduous task, it can perform well.

of the multifunctional shovel is the main 6″ X 8″ the shovel head, full power; in addition, SPARtool is also equipped with integrated cut axes, machetes, saws, pry bars, 4 inch picks, of course, this multi function outdoor, shovel magic and more than that, is also equipped with other multifunctional tool is not necessary gadget - opener, the design is really thoughtful.

the overall use of durable steel and quenched 1075 fall Zytel polymer, this ultra light tool weighs only 3 pounds for outdoor carrying.

in addition, the entire tool is not hinged or active parts of the design, to a certain extent, to reduce the weight of the whole.

such good equipment for outdoor life often people is simply artifact, diversification of function design, convenient packaging design, and the actual use of the feeling is great, whether you are in an emergency or just enjoy outdoor scenery, with SPARtool, it can become your right-hand man.

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