Inventory: the first gold business bigwigs is how to get?

Business big brother inventory real

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young people are very difficult to start a business, there is a technology, but the start-up capital is not enough, if the early consequences of financing is to lose control of the company early. How to earn Diyitongjin life? The rate of small search through a variety of books in history, found the Denver business chiefs.

Wang Shi was the first pot of gold reselling corn in

1980 a recruitment examination, entered the Guangdong foreign economic and Trade Committee, responsible for investment promotion. Stay for 6 years. After the development of Shenzhen. Wang Shi's first pot of gold is done by the intermediary of feed, by reselling corn to come, and he earned 3 million yuan, with corn earned money to Wang Shi opened the Shenzhen Modern Education Equipment Exhibition Center, engaged in electrical, instrumentation products imported from Japan, is also engaged in garment factory, watch factory, beverage factory the printing plant, etc.. In Wang Shi's words, is in addition to yellow, gambling, drugs, arms not to do, the basic Vanke are related to the. "

Pan - real earned first pot of gold

1990, with Wang Gongquan, Zhang Mingeng, Feng Lun partnership set up in Hainan Province, Hainan agricultural high-tech joint development corporation (formerly MassMutual) in August 1991, the establishment of Wantong company, high interest loans about 10000000 yuan real estate, in Hainan Province, the second wave of economic boom in more than half a year to earn about ten million yuan.

Ma Huateng won the first gold market in

1998, the concept of utility software not only cultivate a keen sense of the market Ma Huateng software, making him from profit a lot of money. Ma Huateng is one of the authors of the stock card become fashionable for a time, he and his friends to cooperate in the development of the stock card in the SEG electronics market has been selling well. Ma Huateng also constantly for a friend of the company to solve software problems. This makes him not only small in the circle of fame, but also has a considerable primitive accumulation.

but his first pot of gold in the true sense is from the stock market. One of his most exciting is to fry 100 thousand yuan to 700 thousand yuan. This laid the foundation for the independence of Ma Huateng venture.

Chen - rubber stocks earned first pot of gold "

in 1994, Chen Tianqiao graduated from Fudan University and majored in economics and obtained a bachelor degree in economics. He worked at Shanghai Lujiazui group and kinghing securities, Chen Tianqiao in 1999, to 500 thousand yuan start-up capital and 20 employees as the foundation, founded the royal network limited liability company. And the 500 thousand starts from the stock market when he worked at the stock exchange.

we have seen business tycoons to look at the children how to make a life pot of gold.

Australia Deeth

from Australia Queensland 14 year old boy Will Deeth although very small, but very commercial head, he sold in the local market in Australia China tourism commodity purchase, a week in success earned $10 thousand (66547 yuan). NiuDao on the great success of the Will Deeth decided to start seriously the development of this road to get rich, and decided to buy a house of their own before 18 years old. Need a note, his parents are businessmen, the family environment is also very important to infection.

has seen the big, little wealth story, whether you want to make it to the first barrel of gold. If you read the information on the celebrity, they always describe the first pot of gold to add some excitement and romance. Stock market, real estate and export trade have become the first choice for creating wealth in that time. So now how to do it.

look at the property market in recent years and last year's stock market, as well as this year's foreign exchange market and the gold market. The opportunity of redistribution of wealth will always occur, need to have accurate judgment and technical knowledge accumulation. The success of others is not a big role for us, but it can lead to a general direction, the process by their own complete, after all, we only know that their final results. Prepare

, may be the first pot of gold on the road.

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