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Xinhua viewpoint reporter recently in many interviews found that limiting the population, in the big city small town expansion situation, some small and medium-sized towns eager to accelerate development, put forward in 2020, 2030 population doubling goal. Relevant departments of the State Council data show that, according to incomplete statistics, as of May 2016, more than 3500 counties across the county more than, planning a population of 3 billion 400 million.

these plans can accommodate nearly half of the world's population of metro, who will live?

national planning more than 3 thousand and 500 Metro to accommodate 3 billion 400 million population

2015 years, China's urbanization rate is 56.1%, "proposed in 13th Five-Year" plan, by 2020 the resident population urbanization rate reached 60%, household population urbanization rate reached 45%.

State Council Development Research Center researcher Li Zuojun said: at present, China's household registration population urbanization rate of 39.9%, the future will also increase by 5 percentage points, equivalent to 100 million people settled in the town, the task is arduous. "

however," Xinhua viewpoint "reporter survey found that, compared to this arduous task, some places put forward a more ambitious goal. National Development and Reform Commission of the city and the reform and development of small towns survey, according to incomplete statistics, as of May 2016, the county and county more than more than 3 thousand and 500 of the number of new town. According to the center previously released survey shows that these new town planning population reached 3 billion 400 million. Study on the development and Reform Commission

National City and small towns reform and development center, more than 3 thousand and 500 new city, 17 national district; all kinds of national economic and Technological Development Zone, hi tech Zone, fully protected areas, border economic cooperation zone, export processing zone, tourism resort, about 500 of the provincial industrial park more than 1 thousand and 600; a large scale City Industrial Park; 1000; county under various industrial park 10000.

"planning a population of 3 billion 400 million, equivalent to about 2.5 times the size of China's current population, enough to hold about half of the world's population. "Southern China Urban Planning Institute, Jinan University School of management professor Hu Gang said that this plan is clearly divorced from the actual.

National School of Administration professor Wang Yukai said, the baby boom China population has been in the past, even if the full liberalization of the second child, the population growth rate will not rise, the main source of incremental urbanization in rural population transfer. Consider the city settled intention, ability and other factors, no matter how to calculate, up 3 billion 400 million of the population of the pit".

"important task is to rob people"

how to implement the population planning? Several local city planning department in the west, the person in charge, said in an interview with reporters, we have an important task is to grab people". In addition to the transfer of the rural population, some cities also focus on the introduction of the target population in the region and the urban population flows. Will China regional research

director, Nankai University professor Hao Shouyi and other experts interviewed said the city population scale signal differential control has been clear, large city strictly control the population size, small and medium-sized city to speed up the release of settled system. With the large urban population overflow, small towns, small cities, may usher in a large part of the city to take advantage of the transfer of the population.

however, the reality of the small and medium cities to play the task of gathering population is facing embarrassment. The national new urbanization report recently published "2015" display, China flow above the level of the migrant workers accounted for more than 70%, less than 10% of the flow of small towns.

Beijing, a business unit of Zhang recently chose to return to work in Ji'nan, Shandong. In his view, although the cost of living in Beijing, but also facing the household registration, housing and other restrictions, but back home county work is clearly not realistic, development opportunities, employment opportunities are much less.

some places not only face the introduction of the population is difficult, but also in a net outflow of population, the state of blood loss. Reporters recently in the "snack" Shaxian County Fujian to see, in the County District, dozens of projects are being sold, even if some of the houses sold, the occupancy rate is not high.

"in order to go to inventory, Shaxian County from 2014 to stop the supply of residential land. "According to the county construction bureau chief engineer Luo Jiqing introduced, the Shaxian County property market price four thousand or five thousand yuan per square meter, compared with the peak price is close to" cut".

Fujian province Shaxian County Construction Bureau responsible person, Shaxian County county population of more than 260 thousand, according to the plan, by 2030 the population will reach 350 thousand chengguan. "Now 1/4 of the population are going out in the snack industry, the population is not a net outflow of good. "The

center of Zhongshan University city and area studies professor Xu Xueqiang believes that with the large city population control and economic developed areas of industrial transformation and upgrading, signs of population from the big city to the small and medium-sized city flow, but to" grab ", people need hard power, many small and medium-sized towns urbanization and industrialization of the industry is no touch, no employment, coupled with the lack of public service supply, resulting in small town is still in the" loss of blood". "First of all to be clear about what people can do, rather than simply put people into the city to buy a house, as to the inventory of the" pick up ". Xu Xueqiang said. City planning is the land finance cause


"radical expansion planning of population, is behind the local government land index craze. "Hu Gang said that every one more person to enter the sequence of urbanization, and this corresponds to the per capita construction land targets. For example, according to the current per capita city construction land of 100 square meters, 200 thousand of the population and the population of 400 thousand land indicators vary greatly, the potential of land revenue will be more, or cause the land finance in time.

released the latest "land resources" in 13th Five-Year "plan", "12th Five-Year" period of the growth of urban construction land of about 20%, far higher than the 11% increase in the urban population, urban construction land growth rate of about 180% over the same period of urban population growth.

experts pointed out that the planning, land, population three closely linked, planning population "draw pie, direct influence is excessive real estate development, difficult to inventory. Study on the national development and Reform Commission city and small towns reform and development center, Yunnan city a new district, land auction, housing up to 74.63%, commercial and service facility projects accounted for only 15.53%, only 5.24% industrial projects.

analysis of Centaline chief market analyst Zhang Dawei, some three or four line city metro development too much emphasis on residential single module, 3 billion 400 million of the population planning means that the real estate market and development, will further increase the commercial housing inventory is difficult to digest.

experts pointed out that this kind of administrative function of a single city, it is difficult to form a continuous expansion and upgrading of consumer demand and service needs, can not provide a stable job to attract population aggregation. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of population and labor economics research institute assistant researcher Cai Yifei pointed out that in order to set the ground to build a set of "racking our brains" planning, will inevitably make land use extensive inefficient. The research center of the town of

Chinese Beijing Jiaotong University director Zhao Jian believes that the new breakthrough of the new urbanization should mainly rely on the market mechanism rather than administrative means, increase the number of small and medium-sized city by administrative means, will cause serious resources "spatial mismatch".

Hu et al suggested that should be at the regional and provincial level of population planning and development direction, and explore the top-down and bottom-up planning combination. Some grassroots cadres said, according to the actual situation in a timely manner to adjust the planning, to coordinate a blueprint drawn in the end and the actual development of the city, focusing on the continuity and scientific planning.

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