Song Zhongji Zhang Ziyi fit to shoot advertising exposure cost ten million

Advertising Zhang Ziyi fit

tengxunyule· 2016-07-14 07:00:36

Zhang Ziyi Song Joong Ki ad

Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, Zhang Ziyi day before exposure to a Song Joong Ki holding his daughter "wake up" photos, immediately attracted the envy of fans. "Wake up".

original Zhang Ziyi and Song Zhongji to the mainland's skin care brand identity, to the United States to shoot a new ad. It is understood that two people cooperation is a tacit understanding, the netizen refers to whether Zhang Ziyi and Song Hye Kyo cooperation in the film "the great master" and become friends, and Song Hye Kyo in the lead Song Joong Ki contributed their first cooperation. Zhang Ziyi expressed the hope that in the future there is a chance to have more cooperation with Song Zhongji.

refers to the advertising to spend tens of millions of yuan to shoot, just choose to shoot the site has been taken to choose a number of different places, and the ad team by the make-up, styling, shooting and later, are created by the world class team. When shooting out a large aerial shot in the sea, with the coastal hotel pool shooting, picturesque scenery.

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