Partial rely on the talent to eat, inventory LOL those most likely to "play" teammates

Artistic talent

kuaiyoukejiyiyouwang· 2016-07-14 07:38:54

play LOL players will encounter a variety of different types of players, and some make you very happy and excited, and some will make you feel particularly silent, minutes to uninstall the game.

today, Xiaobian should you check the performance of those LOL teammates, if you also shot?

Top8: not to hang blue feed

often have this team, not to mind is blue fried, began a variety of BB and hang up, what kind of game, winning a what, even leading 100 heads, as long as you grab my blue and I was not happy, is that you can't win!

Top7 20

: a wind shout this is already bearish headwinds, we must win, lose, quickly voted to begin the next administration.


, actor flash wall, in situ anti skills

all play gold...... by acting to bring great visual impact and shock of the soul, it can rely on face to eat, but only rely on China to eat!

Top5: powerful />

spray will this person is not strong say it!

Top4: SOLO


yiyanbuge open spray, motionless on the SOLO, you are good!


single game player the game player has a deeper understanding of the game, There is a world outside expert temperament! You play you, I play my own, this is a stand-alone game.

Top2: grab five kill

that killed five bottled water, send you? You don't know now rising prices, cost is very expensive?

Top1: strong>

< / revenge on society without any reason, don't quarrel, to send, send the head to the end, increase the difficulty of the game to a teammate TM, you are the other sent undercover?

after reading what kind of person you hate most? Is there to malicious K their impulses, ha ha ha! Don't be excited to be calm!


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