Zhang Xueying led the best look at the 13 freshmen

Zhang Xue freshman Yan Ni Gong Li

juziyule· 2016-07-14 10:36:19

yesterday admitted the performance department show in 2016 net exposure in the freshmen have the results

, a group of girls with 97 years 98 students entered the entertainment circle will start from the door, bright life.

the most familiar to us, the nomination of Zhang Xueying and Zhao Jiamin, Guan Xiaotong does not speak aside, one is the north.

Zhang snow meets the birth of 97 years, and 03 years from the beginning of filming is ten years.

grew up in the cast temper acting is not just deliver the goods, with 115.2 points ranked in the play champion, Liu Haoran taking over last year.

two is an old acquaintance, maybe you can look forward to the cooperation and sister shige.

SNH Zhao Jiamin, the girl in the first election, the third, the second session of the first, and duly completed the popular king.

is designed to let you orange, she gave up the election this year for a time, not in the limelight, but choose to go to the professional school to enrich themselves, for their own life is very clear.

17 years of age is too small to make the orange Jun jealous, but the style is really stable and assertive na. Class= img_box "

in addition to these two, there is a big ticket of beauty is about to arrive in the battlefield.

Yang Caihong, 97, from Guangxi, seventh person beauty, but also the passport.

Guan Xin, from Heilongjiang, height 170, ninth, long hair and waist, but the key is ten years old makeup styling.

Qianlisi, from Sichuan, in high school dance, eleventh, now high school students vest line, broken bowl. Class= img_box "

and short hair styling is far more than long hair stunning. Class=

Zou Yuanqing, twelfth, and so on, this is not the name of Yan Ni's daughter? Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" please everyone to look at the face of the blind orange, the two are not the same person. Class= img_box "

Yuan Ziyi, 96 years, from Hubei, 173, fifteenth. Is beautiful, but it is also in line with today's red net.

a sightseeing tour after they denied minute epigenetic modification is not the face.

Han Xinrui, 97 years, this year's achievements are as follows, in performance first, North eighteenth performance, Chinese opera performances in the theater department fifteenth, nineteenth. Class= img_box "

" figure is really, hey, you look at the back of the scenery is pretty good.

Zhuang Ruqian, 98, from Fujian, twenty-first, orange monarch of the moonfaced woman lovely no resistance, clean.

Wang Mengqi, twenty-third, this time is not short chin face. My point is

before the micro-blog name, a red net style "baby- Doll"

and not shot in the reserve army photo play is unqualified.

Zhiyang, 98 years, from Shandong, height 178.

micro-blog certification is 2015 China super model contest ten, see a few catwalk figure.

and orange monarch found that Ji'nan II + opera performances, this girl is Gong Li's sister high school immediate ah, but this thing is not acting sister school house. Class= img_box "

she was to take over the Shandong micro film contest the best actress award, you can look forward to the future.

Yu Wei, 98 years, although the addition of filters, orange Jun still feel Yan ratio more than a few little lost.

Teng Huanyu, 98 years, from Heilongjiang, height 176, to break through the screen of the strong woman temperament.

to the north and examination and Guan Xiaotong photo.

Jun orange light is to see these beauty photos, I think I should go back.

last sentence

candidates please answer this session, Yan value OK, 13 candidates which do you think is the best bet, who could liyutiaolongmen.

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