Gao Yuanyuan stop making people Mark hug assistant back to the hotel?

Mark hotel Gao Yuanyuan assistant

fenghuangbagua· 2016-07-14 14:23:27

today my little sister fan fan sitting in the office to find topics, this news was suddenly startled. Class= img_box "

what? Female assistant Mark in her neck, back to the hotel? Male god derailed? Little girl, you don't scare me.

later found out that reading news is the story. Paparazzi caught Mark at the airport, Mark Zhao a simple casual dress, black T-shirt, jeans, and a baseball cap, or other very clean.

out of the airport, Mark's side is only a figure very petite female assistant, Zhao saw Mark stretched out his arm directly hooked female assistant the neck, two people laughing after a few words of Mark to loosen the hand. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" after leaving the airport, Mark did not go home, but went back to the hotel together with the assistant. Class=

"content_img_p" derailment? The situation changed? Gao Yuanyuan also for this hot search.

however, see this picture, the majority of fans do not believe that, just between friends Dadanaonao, assistant is not to follow the entertainer, so go to the hotel is understandable:

" of course we do not think the practice of Mark no problem, under a public occasion even friends should also pay attention to the scale.

online reviews all sorts of gossip, but you see the most emotion should be worried, after all they are a lot of people love to be photographed Jiangzi photos, everyone still for Mark Zhao to sweat ~ for a long time, Mark and Gao Yuanyuan has been a high-profile US single dog abuse. As long as the same frame must be hand in hand:

and sometimes even a public occasion cuddle, kiss me.

the little sister have to endure, but night two people unexpectedly play back, without regard for the feelings of the masses of these we eat melon.

" in this regard, sister think of recent pet phrase: the baby heart bitter, but the baby can not say ah.

back two of the wedding is really a big sweet lie. Little sister clearly remember that is a week (plus) five (class) in the afternoon, two people held a ceremony in Taipei.

Gao Yuanyuan's words: "finally to you, but I did not give up the oath, provoked the big man Mark crying like a child. Class= img_box "

" married, Mark opened the pet wife model. A few days, Mark Zhao with his 1314th wife sweet affection to micro-blog.

" in addition to these people, the slogan shouted loud: there are two conflicts to apologize, fault is the fault of their own.

Mei think this ideological consciousness is also very high ~ "said" wonderful face, "Ma Xiaokang" three less bad, although Mark Zhao Zibao my wife's income is only 1/3, but above all the love.

is more sweet. I find life people will use unscrupulous divisive tactics to protect her.

the courage and play, powerful one hundred "wall boom", said the most willing to eat this food sister.

" but in truth they were after all, one is the people of Beijing, a long residence in Taipei, married not 2rush, plus Mark busy career, so watch the most is two people at the airport news.

when her husband Mark Zhao became desperately to make money for the family business at the end of a busy year male, in a complete mess.

thick sister helped him, from last year he played "nine layer" demon tower ran a date, just one year, he has made 2 films and 2 TV series.

into the 2016, first he and Yang Mi for the drama shooting wildly beating gongs and drums "sansei III".

6 in January, and Yang Zishan took the "south pole juelian" also reached last year, is run down the real took 28 days.

is again at the end of 8, Mark and Zhao Ni Ni shot the "warrior's gate" is to be released, but to know that this is the film "super body" Luc director Besson.

recently, he also took on the Huang Lei show "late night dining room", as a father in hearing impairment.

movie publicity were not enough, Ma Kezhao also frequently participated in various activities of fishing for gold, everywhere throughout the country run.

and around the husband than Gao Yuanyuan married after a low-key but happy woman, occasionally being photographed at the airport and nine out of ten.

in the little heard of her, then what is new occasionally attending activities to earn pocket money.

that take time to do what? The basic is to turn around the family: the supermarket to do housewives, with her husband, with their parents.

or have time to bestie Alyssa Chia's string, with your little girl does not does not dry.

on her face Chongni and baby sweet interaction. Look at all day does not hold small does not Gao Yuanyuan, netizens have hurried her own one!

, but we also don't worry too much, in fact they couple early in the effort to build.

for a long time, my sister is for entertainment star couple fuck broken heart, sincerely hope that the harmony between husband and wife, but not in this Peace reigns over the land. Today, while nagging two: milk money is never made up, two people in different places my sister is not the answer, and everyone else is waiting for the good news. There is, happiness is hard won, married to be more treasure, do not have nothing to hold the female assistant to scare us, the baby said it really can not afford to. Class= img_box "

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