Don't hold no shake, let the baby's natural sleep 5 trick!

Baby trick natural sleep

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6 months old, try to let the baby learn to sleep, to help parents better. If you always rely on parents, take hold, shake or feeding habits to coax him to sleep, others comfort baby at night by a deep sleep back to light sleep, once feel no one to comfort him wake up, clamoring for parents to coax him to sleep, 1 to several overnight are possible. Day after day, parents will be a lot of physical and mental interference.

sleep 3 taboo

children sleep at night are divided into 7, 8 cycles, light sleep and deep sleep alternately, shallow sleep will ring, may wake up in bed with parents at this time, unless the child crying, should avoid some unnecessary actions such as feeding, comfort, back, give children the opportunity to learn to sleep better.

NG 1:

shake sleep when the baby crying or not sleep, some parents used the baby in the cradle shaking until you fall asleep in my arms or, although this kind of action can provide reassurance, but may cause damage to the immature brain.

shaking movement will make the baby's fragile mind constantly hit hard skull, once the cause of brain microvascular rupture surface, ranging from epilepsy and cerebral concussion, will cause mental retardation, intracranial hemorrhage, cerebral edema, should try to avoid to coax baby sleep sleep shake.

NG 2:

some parents love her sleep a night to sleep with her baby, when the baby is tight, often repeated inhalation of foul gas in the narrow space of the brain, the lack of fresh air will affect the growth and development, may also increase the incidence of accidental asphyxia.

her sleep will cause the baby body is restricted, affect the normal blood circulation, and affect the quality of sleep easy because the parents of small movements; used to be her sleeping baby may become more sensitive, once the parents leave immediately woke up, but more likely to lack a sense of security.

NG 3: sleep

milk milk is actually a strenuous physical activity, children often go to sleep in the milk, if the bottle or nipple has been placed on the baby in the mouth, may cause the baby to sleep in the process of repeated sucking behavior will affect the digestive function, and may lead to tooth decay and tooth growth abnormalities parents should, in the baby to fall asleep immediately after the bottle or nipple out, do not develop the habit of sleeping on baby milk.

easy to coax secret 5 trick

help baby sleep natural sleep I to dawn, we must first understand the baby's natural temperament and sleep characteristics, and gradually set up a baby physiological clock and family rest in sleep mode we can cultivate the baby in a comfortable, secure under the state of sleep.

1, to observe the behavior of

when the baby sleep suggests that sleep will be issued when the hint message, for example: rub eyes, yawning, Xue Huizhen nurse suggested that parents can watch the 1 ~ 2 weeks after understanding the physiological rest of the baby, and proper sleep time, easy to feel sleepy in the baby sleep time by train habits, will get faster results, but also can avoid the frustration of parents.

if the biological clock can not rest with the baby family, parents can baby and family work by listing the periodic table respectively, understand the differences between them, slowly adjusted to the time difference of the range of mutually acceptable.

2, create a comfortable sleep situation.

light - suggested that parents can use bright and dim light to help the baby to distinguish the awake and sleep environment difference, parents day Korah illumination at night to reduce the curtains, turn off the lights in the room, only a night light for the night to visit, if the baby is not easy to wake up at night feel frightened. Keep the

* - 25 DEG C at room temperature is the most comfortable temperature, parents don't give the baby wear too many clothes, so as to avoid the discomfort caused by the impact of sleep sweating.

. - 1 hours before going to bed to murmur keep quiet atmosphere, if the parents did not sleep together, should try to reduce the noise disturb the baby sleep. Do not need to be in the baby's sleep at a time to maintain an absolute quiet environment, so as not to develop the baby to be more sensitive to noise.

. Soft bedding can provide a comfortable tactile feel, to help the baby to sleep has a positive effect, but must pay attention around the bed can not be placed easily lead tosuffocation thick quilt or rope, in order to avoid the accident left the parents.

3, establish a regular bedtime mode

baby 1 hours before going to bed to begin a series of ending ceremony, such as: bath, milk, brushing teeth, wear pajamas, bedside stories, listening to music, say goodnight, through regular bedtime … the baby is equal to the ceremony, issued a "done these things would go to sleep" instruction, help the baby naturally develop a sleep cognition.


have no alternative to give appropriate comfort not to shake, does not represent completely not to give comfort, after all this stage babies still need parental care, close parent-child relationship also have positive help for the psychological development of children, but to appease the way should still help the baby to gradually toward the direction of sleep habits.


gentle massage after the baby to sleep before sleep or wake up, parents can use slowly and gently pat or massage the baby's body, help the baby to fall asleep fast stable mood.


auditory reaction soft music baby especially sensitive, parents can play soft music, before going to bed such as crystal music, sound of tide, create a pleasant atmosphere of sleep.

* and

are tone most babies love to listen to the voice of my mother, wish to sing a lullaby baby before going to bed or in a whisper, let the baby to sleep in the full sense of security situation.


in the cultivation of small comfort parents to baby sleep stage, can choose several kinds of soft doll or small quilt as a baby to appease the alternative, if the baby wakes up at night to sleep easier to appease, to appease the small matter should not have only one choice, such as excessive dependence on a calm substitute, may we must once again face the problem in the future to get rid of dependence.

has a habit of sleeping baby milk can use pacifiers, but parents still have the baby to sleep immediately after removal, to avoid excessive dependence on the nipple.

5, the gradual shortening close companionship

whether a newborn or have been used to be held to coax the baby, are suitable for progressive shortening with self learning ability to help the baby to sleep. Parents can take a start lying cuddle way with speech and limb comfort, so the baby get used to shorten the time and then slowly with the body touch, such as from the beginning to sleep, the body slowly opened the distance to the bed or housing as the ultimate goal.

don't let fear to accompany the baby to sleep to sleep while

let the baby's benefits, but is still not suitable for the use of overly aggressive way, in order to avoid the baby by tension interference but more is not easy to sleep; in the baby to sleep in the learning process itself, we should stick to scolding, put pressure on the attitude, avoid leaving unpleasant the shadow in the hearts of the baby.

in addition, some parents love by way of intimidation force the baby to sleep soon, "tiger aunt eat not sleeping child", "don't sleep is called the wolf get you." …, does not recommend parents to adopt such practices, bedtime stories also should pick a warm content, so as to avoid excessive strong stimulation can affect the nerves the system of the baby, the psychological pressure of the baby, cause the baby can not sleep or sleep.

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