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Electricity suppliers retail industry the world

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online retail base operating post is shopping guide, shopping guide literally, is the process to guide customers to buy. A basic business post, the first step is to familiarize yourself with the responsible for the sale of goods, mainly to understand the products of the target group, age, gender, region, online shopping guide will dress up their composite target customers taste, such as game industry, showgirl is a good example of a good online game shopping guide can bring a large number of loyal users of (I was playing a newspaper on family travel fans and showgirl, the newspaper had been folded can insist on how long the game, a simple line scene interactive game, let the water break 10 million monthly) .

but different specialist online, through text, video and even short, to achieve the purpose of. Graphic design style must be consistent with the style of the product target customers.

simply, online retail operations specialist is responsible for their own category or goods, attract station flow (customer) into paying attention and orders.

supplier and then extended, category planning, product advantage and so on these traditional retail, traditional electricity providers are doing very well, simply the commodity category of retail sale dimensions in China, though not very developed (Japan and far worse than ) but commodity dimension logic is very clear, is the lack of service.

and the added value of this service brings for the 80, 90, 00 after the stimulus is huge, for example: as long as the Jingdong 5 cents cheaper than Dangdang, Dangdang users will change. The sale of goods on its own advantage of retail (including electricity) the road gets narrower, because users in the upgrade, the original user is to buy goods, pay around the functional requirements, summed up under the words, because of the need to pay. And the new generation of users need for them, is because you want to pay. is now the mainstream of the consumption of young people, want to be the core needs, the need for this level is gone.

is indeed the retail electricity supplier, but retail itself in the upgrade

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Chinese retail in the real economy have not formed the era, have experienced the impact of the Internet, many Internet Co to understand itself is not the traditional retail retail, burn a lot of money to understand, how to establish the advantage of goods, how to do related sales #7F7F7F; (thousand thousand faces) , how to ensure the quality of low-cost drainage, and re purchase, there is a great distance from the core impact brought by the Internet and the upgrading of consumption.

from the machine and self expression and minority identity, said the virtual point is feeling.

the minds of consumers, with the feeling of how to pay?

for their own good goods grinding, from packaging to small details, to show in a core premium. For example, the European Cup to do a combination of sales, many websites do send crawfish and beer, wet towel websites are not many customers send wet wipes, garbage bags, plastic gloves and a little wave, let the young consumers want the premium service, comfortable home, these small grinding based on user dimension thinking will point one after another, forming the so-called "feeling".

shelf will encounter the bottleneck of sales profit in the next few years, 70-85's people pay for service consciousness is relatively weak, or commodity consciousness, 85 of the fee for service will super, on scene to that dimension to stimulate consumption ability is very strong, they become a mainstream consumer era is coming, for example:"

stimulation and stimulation to need are two concepts, the future of the electricity supplier to stimulate retail industry, is the core retail upgrade is reflected in precision operation every SKU, and then form a system, the formation of feeling, form a premium.

upgrading of the retail industry, you need to get more content, let your emotions more temperature, make you more diversified services. Of course, all of this is the premise of the need for a like-minded team, because of the rapid development of today, the team's self learning ability is higher than everything.  

the transformation of traditional industries is one of the few opportunities from "line-height: 1.75em style=

"revolution" in the scene in this book five key points:

although millet marketing over so many people think that the so-called" color: #7F7F7F style= (only them) . The scene is the so-called marketing problem is not only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, millet to the nature of the mobile phone to do, while the other side or loop point. The transformation of the real economy is just a good part of the lack of millet, millet need to fear and return to the technology of mobile phone products. so that the number of traditional industries in the transition is not a few opportunities on the upgrade from the service.

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