Super - escape from the degradation zone Luneng wins Yongchang won two games in a row in the video

Luneng Yongchang

CCTV5tiyuxinwen· 2016-07-14 22:08:40

tonight, the 2016 season of Super League twenty-first round of a game in the Ji'nan Olympic Sports Center, Shandong Luneng home court 4 0 victory over the Shijiazhuang Yongchang, a winning streak for the first time this season, but also escape from the relegation zone. Fiftieth minutes, Liu Binbin caused chaos, Monti slightly into the restricted area low shot into the dead. Sixty-seventh minutes, Liu Binbin broke through the manufacturing penalty, Monti surgeon kick overnight. Eighty-third minutes, Tardelli box curling shot into the bottom corner. Third minutes of stoppage time, Wang Dalei open Bigfoot ball, Tardelli quickly plug pole broke. />

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