Microsoft and SUSE signed a cooperation agreement to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of public service in the cloud

Microsoft field cooperation agreement

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Linux; Microsoft in the world has become more active, to Linux Households to pass multiple heavy news after the company today announced again and SUSE Linux signed a cooperation agreement to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of public service in the cloud, this is the first agreement the two companies signed in 2016. ITWire reported in this agreement to redefine the terms and commitments of both parties, but the details are not published.

Microsoft and SUSE Linux for the first time the relevant agreement signed in 2006, when the German company is affiliated to Novell, but now the company has become the world's giant Linux had even considered the largest competition for Microsoft hand. Ballmer served as Microsoft CEO period, the company will be on the surface of the open source ecosystem and Linux, in 2001, said Linux is cancer.

but the passage of time, Microsoft has invested millions of dollars to close the Linux world, SUSE public cloud Global Alliance director Kristin Kinan said Microsoft business has achieved significant growth. He said: Microsoft's Linux business in the field of public cloud growth of 22-25%, in the open source solutions, sales plans and cooperation in terms of investment more than we expected."

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