Chinese consumers are willing to spend $213 to clean the air in 5 years, the study said.

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cankaoxiaoxi· 2016-07-15 06:00:40

Reference News Network reported on July 14th Russian media said the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) released the results of the study showed that China consumers are willing to pay $213 in 5 years, as the cost of air purification. According to the Russian satellite network in July 14th, Bloomberg reported that the study in 7 years, in 81 cities within the framework of Chinese consumers buy air purifier purchase habits related to the

. The author is Itou Yukihiro from University of Colorado and Zhang Shuang from University of Chicago.

report quoted Ito as saying, "people eager to clean air indicators may help leaders to determine what kind of policy on the well-being of (people) is the most effective. This is revealing, in the economic growth and environmental coordination between, what is the priority of the public".

reported that, according to the researchers, the most expensive air purification mold prices may be as high as thousands of dollars. Rich Chinese are more willing to pay for clean air. The researchers believe that their work may in fact be the solution to the emerging economies, in these places, the balance between economic development and environmental protection has been under threat.

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data of air pollution over the city Chinese (the British "Financial Times" website)

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