Faye Yu: it's not a problem for me to get old.

Faye Yu problem TV play color length

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-15 07:08:34

Faye Yu

drama "Oriental battlefield" is currently in Jiangsu, Hubei satellite TV, the day before, in the "Oriental battlefield", Faye Yu plays Song Meiling, she said, to be able to play this role feel honored, "Song Meiling is a very famous and distinctive historical figures, for me with such a role is fresh, because I did not play at the same time, there are some challenges. "

asked to play Song Meiling what challenges? Faye Yu said that Song Meiling English is very good, speak in a standard American English, but there are some characteristics of the English accent, difficult to imitate," I also collects her, her speech, Chinese English speech, attended the event to observe all kinds of information many, do a lot of comparison. I try to be in such a short time, as far as possible close to it. In fact, many of the characteristics of Song Meiling are in her face all kinds of historical events, her calm and fearless, these are the characteristics of a woman. "After the

drama broadcast, Faye Yu starred in Song Meiling's highly praised, that she performed the charm of Song Meiling. In this regard, Faye Yu said, thank netizens praise, actor to play each role as soon as possible and will find a character similar place but also amplify, not equal to the role of each actor he played, "I and Song Meiling's similar and contrast, will certainly have. Now that an actor is playing the role, he is going to be as long as possible, or let the character grow on your own. "Faye Yu said, now he is the standard of the play is his favorite, interested," I think the actor this career is never a vertex, there can always be a progressive space. No matter how old you are, it's a fun place to play.

is worth mentioning is that Faye Yu has not the old goddess of the said. The appearance of fresh, Faye Yu very lightly, no pressure, "because I think this for me is not a thing, or getting old for me is not a problem, I will accept this reality, this is everyone must experience, irresistible natural phenomenon. So I will be very calm, since he frankly face, there will be no pressure and burden. "Compared to other people continue filming, Faye Yu said his life now is very simple, when not working is to rest," very idle, lazy, read a book, watch movies, travel, no what special. "

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