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Zhao Liying Yang Zi fit hearsay

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Zhao Liying Yang Zi

Jinyang - New Express reported in July 15th adapted from "Zhu Xian" Xian Xia Zhi "blockbuster" Qingyun 13 conference held in Beijing, the actor Li Yifeng, Yang Zi, Cheng Yi, Zhao Liying, Qin Junjie debut also, starring TFBOYS blessing, Yu Kewei, Zhang Bichen, Huo statue first exposure sing the drama repertoire. Before Zhao Liying, Yang Zixiu fans each tear close is called the "Sprite" "big sisters" "ten thousand good gay friend," Li Yifeng night finale debut bluntly "everyone got happy is not easy". Zhao Liying Yang Zi, the self styled "

fit Sprite group

in the afternoon of the conference, Zhao Liying and Yang Zi frequent interaction but be long in coming, and always to" Sprite "fit to show affection. Fans before the mutual tear in the online triggered a lot of controversy, there are a lot of rumors about the relationship between the two people. The scene asked "a bit" dispute will not affect the relationship between two people in private, Zhao Liying said "we have a good", also said that two people in the "food and drink", even jokingly two can work together to open the hotel. As for whether you mind "fan", how to treat the fans for her support, she did not respond directly but said "I certainly hope you heart mentality is flat and, more attention to our play, don't spend energy on things we don't pay attention to". About the role she also said he was most impressed by everyone dressed "Xian" but the shuttle in various filming caves, and the cave are almost every.

another female dispute "Yang Zi also responded that the two one is Baguio, a land of Xue Qi," we are the combination of Sprite, 000 years good gay friend, also blew each other is a big sister, he is big sister. Yang Zi said Lu Xueqi appeared a lot of pressure, afraid it let you down. She also blew the scene like a fool, not, nor sword hanging wire. Other actors also made up the knife, said Yang Zi to see the play beat to escape, as the face and hands are also known as the hands are scratched and scars. Beat the game experienced Zhao Liying that will not lead to people ", fight scenes not only laughed at". Former child actor Yang Zi admitted foreign not confident, never think you are good-looking, star has a dark period, "I have finished in the snow after a long time not to play, people get fat and ugly, then I'd wonder, and even want to give up. Now is to tell yourself, mind must be flat and. "

Li Yifeng blew the girl are not easy" Qingyun

happy Liao Zhi "tells the story of Cao Miao Cun young Zhang Xiaofan (Li Yifeng ornaments), after Tu village after the massacre, Lin Jingyu and friends (Cheng Yi) who was under the door back door qingyun. After Zhang Xiaofan and Lu Xueqi (Yang Zishi) who went to the empty mulberry mountain million bat ancient cave exploration Mojiao trail, and accidentally met the ghost king in Baguio ghost King (Zhao Liying decoration), two people in the increasingly deep feelings go through thick and thin together gradually, Zhang Xiaofan grew up in a time of frustration tribulation. The same day Li Yifeng did not attend the afternoon press conference, in the evening he still get the most popular as the absolute protagonist of the finale, the peak number of online at the same time more to reach 2 million 440 thousand. Speaking of the "Chi" in Qingyun's performance, Li Yifeng said "Zhang Xiaofan" let her play it very enjoyable, play two roles in a simple one is wicked, love yourself more of the latter, "he's self, experienced a lot of things, so people are more powerful".

Li Yifeng blew when shooting the biggest problem is the two "dragon" (two forehead bangs), "when the flapping burlesque, often stuck to my mouth, especially naughty. "Compared to" Qi Tan "in" Barry Su Tu ", Li Yifeng also said there is a world of difference in these two roles, but the similarities are the largest, is played by Li Yifeng, but when I was 26 years old little meat, now I'm a 29 year old unmarried male youth. "The scene is crazy fans sister Li Yifeng is also the scene show up in the three big sister skills, skills of cooking, tease sister, pet, Li Yifeng did not hesitate to choose the her sister," I will continue to learn from Zhang Xiaofan and Li (her sister), so many people have to have the heart of girl her happy is not particularly easy, and the Civil Affairs Bureau of the demand is not quite the same. "

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