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looked at the network overwhelming star endorsement mobile phone news, Xiao Bian was back when Coco Lee handheld mobile phone read "large waveguide, waveguide in the mobile phone, mobile phone fighter" era. There is no new thing under the sun, celebrity endorsement phone this most traditional mobile phone marketing way to pick up again, who can not stop.

to see the latest news: 11 July afternoon, HUAWEI glory glory 8 series of new flagship in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center held a press conference, in addition to the main color value of the product itself, HUAWEI also invited popular idol Wu Yifan as the spokesman of the glory of mobile phone. In the mobile phone market, 360 mobile phone solicitation "Jing Wang" Wang Kai OPPO; please Yang Mi, deer Han, Li Yifeng for their endorsement Samsung; together with Kim Su Hyon, Gianna Jun and other Korean stars; one plus mobile phone founder Liu Zuohu is selling rot and Han Han marketing; celebrity endorsement has become the main means of many mobile phone brand sales of the line. The manufacturers have been spared no expense to invite stars to join, because now the market, various brands of mobile phone is similar, it is difficult to highlight their personality. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" phones are all the same? That we find a star bar

a product of the real charm lies in its flagship phone features, however, in today's mobile phone market, the same profile of the product is difficult to have outstanding performance in the configuration and function. Such as the recent Qualcomm has just launched a new generation of processor 821 Xiaolong, the major mobile phone brands have been "starting with", it is "I have all your ah". In this context, celebrity endorsements to increase brand characteristics have become producers who promote their products of choice. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" can not lead others in the configuration innovation, then I had to find a special representative myself. Indeed, want to highlight the advantages of mobile phone brands, "looking for a star" seems to be a good way.

but this particular spokesperson is not just looking. Millet phone has been the main national route, the public is his user group. So the red rice found the "national brand" Uncle Wu Xiubo, "national goddess Liu Shishi," national little meat Liu Haoran. This combination will cover the whole age, both people and down to earth. Look at we mentioned at the beginning of the glory of 8, one of the largest glass double glory flagship highlight of this is the high value of the yen, the temperament and popular idol Wu Yifan was. There is OPPO mobile phone has been the subject of young consumers, therefore invited Li Yifeng, Yang Mi such a youth idol is also behoove things.

have to say, star temperament and mobile phone brands together, really is to enhance the selling point of a punch.

Internet marketing is not the end, one of the reasons for a single

better sales model will walk on two legs as well as mobile phone manufacturers vigorously invite celebrity endorsements. Millet has released the first mobile phone, the Internet has been in force; although once ranked domestic shipments in the first place, but in this year, millet sales fell out of the top five, and even the news that millet sold but vivo. Compared to millet, vivo sales have been stable, there is a trend recently, it is reported, X7 vivo sales on the first day of the first day of more than 250 thousand units. Vivo is able to maintain stable sales, a very important reason is to promote through the line. It is for this reason, millet red rice was invited Liu Shishi, Wu Xiubo, Liu Haoran three star as a brand spokesperson, began to change from online sales to the line store in order to broaden the sales channels.

in the face of poor sales in the first half of 2016, the fact that millet has begun to rethink their own marketing strategy, not only focus on the Internet a channel. In view of this, the phone manufacturers to fully embrace the star has become the new norm in the mobile phone market.

star endorsement of the consumption of the fans

a mention of the stars, always think of them followed by a group of fans. Yes, the power of the fans is huge, in recent years, so and so of fans in the event of micro-blog fights torn. Which celebrity endorsements can provide mobile phone, brand awareness and consumption of fans, Why not??

to see the glory of the 8 voice of Wu Yifan's fans are how to say.

a netizen: "in the past, do not love the domestic mobile phone, now see Wu Yifan endorsement instant feeling good, support domestic kazakhstan.

some friends: the spokesperson to find a good support for the support of

a user: the use of this phone, from about guns is not a dream! "(hey hey, OK, this is black powder)

this is a double-edged sword.

according to reports, Song Zhongji's endorsement of vivo mobile phone, endorsement fee in 20 million yuan or more, HUAWEI is 40 million of the high price of signing Messi. These expensive mobile phone endorsement costs will eventually be passed on to consumers. For the mass consumer, with its cost of such a high cost of advertising on the endorsement, it is better to invest in some new technology, or to improve the phone's price to come true.

moreover, some stars are not imagined so fly. In 2014, the little emperor Lebron · James as the spokesman for the Samsung GalaxyNote series even on their own twitter publicly complained about the Samsung mobile phone. "I put all the information on the phone and then restart the data, which is the most interesting thing I encountered in this life. Although James was aware of his own is the spokesperson of the Samsung mobile phone, the article will be deleted, but still a lot of friends to see the point of praise and screenshot. Encountered such a teammate, I am afraid that Samsung has long been crying halo in the toilet. Class=

then, star endorsement is the effect will be good? Xiao Bian think: this may not be. Think that year, HTC invested heavily in "Iron Man" Pepo Robert Donny please do endorsements, or irreparable decline in sales decline. So, star endorsement There are both advantages and disadvantages. is only a means, can really give manufacturers benefit or refined products itself. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" conclusion: star for the mobile phone manufacturers to promote their own brand is an important means to enhance their own brand. Choose consistent with its own brand style star to do voice can not only improve the offline brand awareness, but also with a number of fans, it is kill two birds with one stone. However, there are some time star endorsement also has some potential risks. For example, the cost of an expensive endorsement, the total price of the phone to be reflected in the price (say good price it). Coupled with the temperament of some of the stars and phone features do not match, resulting in a large number of mobile phone sales growth is not the case did not (think there have been a large number of star endorsement of NOKIA I love dearly). But the heat with the mobile phone star endorsement effect is also relevant, who knows which star to come up with some negative gossip, looking for endorsement of the effort is cast to waste. In short, the celebrity endorsement has become a mobile phone market, a beautiful landscape, as for the success and does not become, or to take the sales talk. (Su Hang)

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