All PSVR games to support the traditional handle does not buy MOVE also line

Handle traditional PS4 equipment

weifengwang· 2016-07-15 08:44:07

not long ago we had reported that SONY officially announced VR PlayStation VR equipment to support the game's physical CD cover sample. In these samples, SONY clearly marked the game player play these games for VR devices, such as VR, PlayStation Camera camera head. However, in these signs, we did not see the exclusive handle MOVE PlayStation. Is this SONY negligence? Actually not. Class= img_box "

in those support VR PlayStation game, there are many shooting game. In the game player who have the impression that the VR shooting game must have a dynamic controller to play exclusive, so SONY is not marked on the cover of the game in this to feel confused, even speculation it is inconsiderate.

in the face of the players are confused, not long ago, the official confirmed that all of the VR PlayStation games are able to play with the DualShock PS4 handle. So this means that if you are not used to play the game when waving the two some too thick sticks, no matter which game, you can use their own most familiar with the PS4 handle to play. SONY

official spokesman said: "all the works of PlayStation will support DualShock 4 controller. However, in the use of such as MOVE, or the recently announced Aim and other controllers, part of the game experience will be strengthened.

PlayStation Aim looks a bit weird, from the function that is light wood storage accessories, game player can use it to play shooting games; PlayStation MOVE is the VR controller more versatility, by holding it with game player, to simulate their hands to play in the VR, complete the aim, direction, grasp operation. From the perspective of sense, these accessories than traditional handle can really give a game player bring more immersive experience.

SONY's confirmation is good news for those who already have Camera PlayStation, but not too much like the VR controller. As a result, he only need to buy a $399 version of the standard PlayStation can play all VR games, there is no need to worry about what a few work will need exclusive controller, let oneself with.

SONY has been fully aware of the importance of the number of games for a platform, VR PlayStation will have a lot of game support for the first time. Not only those of the smaller cost of the game, including the "Ace Combat 7", "Resident Evil 7", including the first line has confirmed the support of VR PlayStation. PS4 players will have to play in the future.

in addition, SONY confirmed that it will launch a new host, players are generally referred to as Neo PS4". It has a stronger performance, and can run all the games on the PS4 platform. You want to directly use the PS4 host to enter the VR era, or in order to pursue a better experience waiting for Neo? This is really a difficult choice.

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