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, [the central enterprises reform carried out a new round of reform than expected or

] according to media reports, the SASAC of the State Council on the 14 day held a media briefing, the SASAC Deputy Secretary General Peng Huagang, Shenhua, Baosteel and other 7 central enterprises will carry out a pilot state-owned capital investment company. China building materials and materials group, COSCO Group and Chinese shipping, the CLP Group and the state nuclear power and other 3 enterprises to carry out reorganization of central enterprises mergers and acquisitions pilot. Local state-owned enterprises reform is also advancing in the first half of this year, the country started a total of 147 state-owned enterprise reform pilot, there are 50 pilot achieved results.

industry believes that the second batch of pilot list of the central enterprises to reform the announcement, is expected to open the second half of the central enterprises reform. Recently, a number of policies on central enterprises reform is expected to be introduced, including the central enterprises have been adopted by the 13th Five-Year plan, the central enterprises to promote structural adjustment and restructuring of the guiding opinions, etc.. At the top of this year to promote the supply side of the reform of the background, the new round of reform of the central enterprises, the intensity, depth or super expected.

two, a major breakthrough of vanadium battery [stocks look a new blue ocean

] according to the Ministry of science and technology website 14 news, the International Cooperation Department commissioned by the Ministry of science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, recently organized a group of experts in Wuhan held by the Wuhan University of Technology in the national key project "international cooperation in science and technology of high performance vanadium nanowires research and development of lithium ion battery with project acceptance. The sustainable development of the project for clean and efficient energy, through cooperation with the Harvard University, built a test line and automatic production line of electronic single hundred kilograms of vanadium nanowires cathode materials, finished assembling and loading experiment of nanowires vanadium battery and the electric vehicle demonstration operation, and has a positive impact on China's development of clean and efficient energy system.

comment: insiders pointed out that the successful acceptance of this project is a major breakthrough in vanadium battery in the field of electric vehicles, means that the vanadium battery technology industry is more and more near distance, has a long-term significance for the development of vanadium battery. Vanadium battery has caused the social from all walks of life and the concern of the capital market, and will have a disruptive impact on the lithium battery has have a close relationship, from the battery life, charging time and cost are known as "the perfect battery". Researchers also said that the vanadium battery development and application, is expected to be a substitute for lithium to create historical new blue ocean industry.

related stocks: China Star Optoelectronics (002449) subsidiary of the vanadium industry has polished vanadium ore mining and mining rights (mine area of 3.4 square kilometers). Star power (600101) under the Yang depression vanadium ore resources of 9 million 738 thousand tons, five tons of two tons of vanadium oxide resources 73 thousand tons. *ST - (000629) is the world's largest supplier of vanadium products.

[three, network security support policies soon stocks outbreak period]

Zhengbao according to reports 14 days, said the central network office network security Coordination Bureau deputy director Hu Xiaozai speech 2016 Ali security summit, "a number of opinions" on the strengthening of national network security standardization work has been approved by the central network security and information technology the leading group, will soon be officially issued and implement. In addition, the first national key information infrastructure network security inspection work has recently officially started.

comment: in recent years the domestic and foreign information security incidents frequent, whether the core government departments, and other commercial organizations or ordinary web users are facing for political or commercial interests and economic interests of the threat of national security era in this context has come. Network security and information technology is China's "13th Five-Year" period highlight short-term stimulus event intensive, positive China's network security and domestic IT manufacturers.

related stocks: Westone (002268) to create "information security team, the main industry in the password" brand. China (300311) is the most comprehensive technology for large-scale network space security solutions provider.

four, 13th Five-Year [lottery Internet lottery is expected to rebound in planning

] with "sports industry development plan" released "13th Five-Year", specifically for the sports lottery "13th Five-Year" plan is also ready, General Administration of sport is actively promoting the Internet sports lottery sales. Pilot preparation work. In January at the National Conference on sports lottery, sports lottery center of General Administration of sport of Party Secretary Yan Yufeng said, will continue to lay a solid foundation to do Internet outlets, sales pilot preparation.

comment: Shenwan Hong believes that the Internet lottery sale has been over a year, is expected to strongly restart, is expected by the new Internet lottery sale system. Pin official regulation will reflect the safety and authority of the better, the original online users return superimposed new users will drive the industry strong rebound.

people.com.cn (603000) under the Aussies lottery lottery to provide top experience for users, and occupy a considerable market share; (002229) Hongbo shares for the lottery printing leader, 2014 Internet lottery sale 313 million yuan pin. [

five, natural gas prices rose a strong industry profitability is expected to improve the price of natural gas

] recent strong rise, liquefied natural gas in July 12th commodity index is 77.79, week rose more than 6%, some areas prices rose over 20%. The specific price, Inner Mongolia Erdos ex factory price of 3100 yuan / ton, up 34% this month; Shaanxi public source green factory price 3000 yuan / ton, this month has risen 27%.

comments: the industry believes that, by the impact of a number of plant overhaul, the main production area LNG plant operating rate is difficult to quickly zoom in the short term. Under the promotion of national policy support and environmental protection requirements and other factors, natural gas power generation will become the main direction of the use of natural gas in China, the huge demand for electricity is expected to continue to release. In addition, by the continued strong crude oil prices and the U.S. natural gas rose driven, domestic natural gas prices are still expected to be relatively large rise.

gas prices rose to push the stack gas, chase gas (000593), the country's new energy (600617) and other natural gas companies are expected to be profitable.

six, WiFi application traffic entrance into the super [attention] WiFi

MIIC2016 mobile Internet Innovation Conference held in Beijing on July 15-16, this session of the general assembly to reversal technology as the main line, with "innovation" heavy launch restart ". The development of the past China Internet, more is the use of demographic dividend + massive capital, the next wave of the Internet, it will come from the advancement of technology, super IP cultivation and development, as well as the establishment of the new ecological data share and mining depth.

industry believes that with the diversification of mobile Internet terminals, WiFi applications have become the mobile Internet era following the browser, super APP after another major entrance. WiFi hot for three consecutive years to maintain over 100% growth, is expected in 2016 the number of hot spots will be more than one million, the market size will exceed 1 billion. Different from the commercial WiFi, traffic WiFi has high frequency, high viscosity, high density, just need, closed and other characteristics, the flow value of the outstanding advantages, known as the WiFi's most ideal killer operational scenarios".

Rong (002642) shares of the 16WiFi has signed with more than 60 domestic cities public transport WiFi construction and operation of the agreement, the market share has reached more than 50%. Brilliant technology (002296) shares, flying joint, colorful access network into a comprehensive traffic WIFI seyfer.

seven, the Ministry of human resources and promote [technical colleges occupation education reform will welcome the development

] department before the issuance of "development of human resources and social security" 13th Five-Year "plan", put forward to develop the vocational education "13th Five-Year" planning, and vigorously promote the technical college reform and innovation, promote the construction of occupation training institute, in-depth to carry out the teaching reform of integrated curriculum of technical colleges, the construction of the standard system framework of national training talents. Vigorously promote enterprise new apprenticeship, national basic occupation training package, school enterprise cooperation, Internet plus occupation training model.

comments: the agency believes that Chinese people over the age of 15 are facing many difficulties, such as graduates, employment difficulties, skills mismatch and other difficulties, will lead to the development of Vocational education. The next 5 years, the annual total investment of vocational education funds are more than 400 billion yuan, is expected to reach 550 billion 600 million yuan in 2020.

Chinese Tech (600730) based on the independent colleges and large open online courses, comprehensive transformation of occupation education; Hong Tao shares (002325) entry examination, students training, construction of medical education through the acquisition of leading sub Dingli; (300050) acquisition of Netstar information involved in IT occupation education.

eight, [the history of the largest hit nearly 100 companies backdoor verification by regulators look back]

according to sources close to the Commission, the Commission will on 2011 clear restructuring listing rules since the implementation of the reorganization, but nearly three years before the implementation of a comprehensive on-site inspection of the company, is divided into three batches to complete the on-site inspection, each check the number ratio of not less than 1/3. In June 30th, the Ministry has listed all of the list is sent to the local securities regulatory bureau, for the restructuring of listed on the list of previous projects, a total of 98 listed companies need to be examined, including many popular items and ST shares, split VIE back to A.

nine, U.S. stocks closed up [P] Dow highs

JP Morgan earnings and strong economic data boosted market confidence in the economic situation in the u.s.. The S & P 500 index closed up 0.53% at 2163.75 points, the fourth consecutive trading day closing record highs, the highest since March, the longest days rising. The Dow closed up 0.73% at 18506.41 points, a record closing high. The NASDAQ closed up 0.57% at 5034.06 points, hit a six month closing high. The CBOE volatility index (VIX, commonly known as panic index) fell 1.7% reported 12.82, a recent 11 month since the closing low. All countries in the world MSCI index recorded six Yang, the highest since 2015 October the longest days rising.

news review:

(1): GQY video, Hengxin Mobile shares rose abnormal self suspension.

(2) ZCE will raise the meal transaction fees 1 times.

(3) Qihoo 360 in July 18th (before the opening) from the New York stock exchange delisting.

(4) the Bank of England to maintain interest rates and asset purchases unchanged from the market expected, the pound against the U.S. dollar rebounded quickly.

(5) released the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem film listed companies letter Phi guidelines require clear disclosure from the high box office movie revenue interval.

(6) Everbright Bank (601818) recently won the group's holdings of 425 million shares of China Everbright Group, Minsheng Bank (600016) 14, the bulk of the transaction more than 4 billion yuan traded A+H.

(7) Line listed in the U.S. dropped substantially opened nearly 30% to $42.50.

(8) on Thursday, U.S. stocks high way refers to the S & P 500 and continue to refresh the record.

(9) China will build 20 nuclear power plants in the South China Sea and the sea.

(10): Zhangjiang hi tech two shareholding companies agreed to start.

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