The exposure of more than 100 "fake" the highest tuition nearly 500 thousand

Peking University faker tuition President

cankaoxiaoxi· 2016-07-15 11:01:52

Reference News Network reported on July 14th Taiwan media said the printing industry was under the guise of a prestigious title tutorial classes, Peking University recently in the official website announcement, there are 124 training institutions has not been approved by the school, namely the North fraudulent use of names, nearly half of them offer "President training class", set up similar to the North's official website Web site, claiming that the venue in the school opened, the highest tuition nearly 500 thousand yuan (RMB, same below), graduation can obtain certificates and emphasize the Peking university. Similar behavior has seriously damaged the reputation of the school, the university will retain the right to pursue legal declaration. According to Taiwan, "Wang

newspaper" website on July 14th citing mainland media reports, the University announced in January this year, 84 "fake website" after 12 days again in the official website released "on the fake name of Peking University to carry out education and training propaganda website publicity (two)", pointed out that there are a total of 124 organized by the "continuing education" website the school will, without obtaining approval, the unauthorized use of the name of the University, the establishment of adult continuing education and business management courses, open enrollment.

reported that

was closed without the approval of the website, published in this wave of website, class name and Peking University; which is not only the "Peking University training network", "Peking University seminar", "Peking University class" name; most of the fake websites more directly in the web site in the "PKU" (the name English abbreviation) words, and the North's official website is very similar.

in addition, in order to attract such as government and business executives to come to registration, nearly half of the site under the banner of "President training class" name, directly to the class is taken as president of Peking University training network "," Peking University EMBA class president "," Peking University executive training network "; in addition there are a small part of the course involved, in Ancient Chinese Literature Search graduate students, etc., can be described as all kinds of species.

on the 12 day of the announcement of the official warning message, as of the evening of 7 points, some fake Web pages have been ineffective, the search to the web pages are displayed as "unable to open" or "web page does not exist".

cost by the school fee of

it is understood that the "copycat" expensive high-end training courses, 1 years of schooling tuition 4 yuan to 90 thousand yuan; one "excellence at the Peking University (GE) leader in high-end project" and "Peking University new business leaders cultivation plan" training courses for a period of 2 years was actually asking 498 thousand yuan. Part of the course website clearly marked training fees charged by the financial department at the Peking University unified before the opening, the central issue of non tax revenue unified bill, and prompt the students directly to the Peking University to pay the fee, not to any other person or organization to pay; but to contact the relevant staff, the other has said, after receiving the invoice will, but not "the invoice".

Lu school training is not a new announcement of false things, such as the Beijing Tsinghua University in 2014 had issued a similar statement, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics School of continuing education, also announced in 2013, claiming there classes fake this school name, training courses. This Chinese Education Science Research Institute researcher Chu Zhaohui said that certain society in favor of elite aura, "copycat school education and training institutions at the fame are relatively large; although the university has no enforcement power, the release of publicity also has no legal effect, but the message is still a warning effect, can reduce the risk of students should be deceived.

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