Origgi will play what role in the slag's uncle?


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numerous households pupil pupil, the new peach old fu. The coach may bring infinite -- from fans, players and vice versa. Today, along with Jurgen, mark LEE KEE, under the account of the field at Anfield on the role and position of the change is bound to turn the world upside down, the army is the young Walker de - origgi.

"change" is not the future -- the age of 20 has already used his superior skills and great potential to the new heart, that uncle slag pre match with Tottenham Hotspur on Pro for "I still I cross on the small Austrian drool with envy".

at that time, Lai airen waved his hand does not take a cloud, to beg good slag tertiary generation, but Lille superior price let off dortmund. But this is wealthy Marshal coveted by experience, at least that his potential has been the Reds coach nod.

at Tottenham goalless game, featuring 4231 lineup origgi single arrow. Despite the difficulties in the collective strike group arrow - Daniel - Sturidge, Christian - the Tektronix, Danny Ince and Roberto Phil Mino have suffered different degrees of injury, but the intrusion of tactical layout has been adjusted and tertiary slag play more rely on Billy young.

his move without the ball very well, always try to put pressure on the ball and close to the Tottenham defender, forcing the opponent to observe the situation and had to rush out of the ball. His work intensity declined slightly in 20 minutes, but still keep plenty of energy and are willing to take the dirty work consciousness.

in a corner kick, his header makes the ball banging on the beam, unfortunately missed the Reds scoring opportunity. In addition, he also occasionally impact between Wei Yang - and vertonghen fullback Danny Ross in the ribs space. Ross is as quick as lightning, but Obama still have him; and finishing from the former racing and overtaking, white lily's goal in this flurry of opening offensive floating.

on Tuesday evening and Rubin Kazan in the clash, Liverpool used by the small Austrian front 4231 array. Although it is still not open, but he also created a number of offensive opportunities. In fact, the game from the process and results and the battle of the lane is different approaches but equally satisfactory results.

but with the Tektronix and Phil Mino returned to the bench, origgi prospects? Return to the location of fourth forward (in the season or Ince), and take the initiative in the competition? What position will play in the field, and what role will it play?

lone assassin?

in the previous game he has played the role of a lone killer -- in fact, it is in the 2014 World Cup this "super substitute" experience to fame, but there is no doubt that in Liverpool to play the lone post, he also needs to experience a lot of mixing and grinding hammer.

in the short term, in view of the status quo of slag under the tertiary injury ravaged, he (as Dan Zhongfeng) is the best and the brightest, in the previous two games, he also show some strength, speed, and pressure will lead the front drive, his movement smell and starting time equally worthy of praise, the overall (the characteristics of small Austria) to become a useful supplement to any team...... However, compared to a list of the skills needed to have a striker, his skill point obviously added a lot of mistakes.

his back body skills, ability, and with the ball core strength are lacking. He is tall (6 feet 1 inches), but is not strong; he has not lived two defenders ability in the threat area on (as Diego Milito like that), in the face of tight clamping or when it is difficult to firmly hold the ball.

unless his gym to strengthen their moderate upper extremity strength to adapt to this (single center required) - Tactical responsibilities along with the starting speed of the landslide risk -- or a single arrow does not seem to fit his long-term development.


in the flank, become the attack Midway Islands. In the last year that slightly lack of French struggling goal season, Lille team is so arranged in the Belgian national team he also occasionally featuring a winger angle.

superior speed, good starting time, the guard line behind the impact, as well as the space and centre backs with the sense of smell in the flank let him play with ease. If he was hanging on the right shoulder, the defender (see here refers to the offside line) for swimming, waiting for his teammates from side to knock the ball, and full plug, he will become a deadly counterattack of the harvest.

, in fact, this kind of role and the 2013-14 season have Sturridge different approaches but equally satisfactory results. The season for Lewis Suarez's magical performance out of thin air and SAS combination between hot chemical reaction and a dynamic world. But (although the name double forward) Stuart court activity area is actually more distributed in the right, plug in the use of space to.

, but the Red Army in the slag term probably will have a great uncle will arrange two wingers on the probability. Although the two games as the sample is Overgeneralization, but in the previous two draws, Liverpol are discharged 4231 battle, only in the second half of the last 15-20 minutes before Rubin Kazan briefly switched into 4141 diamond.

when everyone in the high closing down and running, right will set aside for the use of space? From Uncle love slag 4231, even 433 of the thermophilic Guardiola is with an air almost of idiocy, in Bayern during the period from time to time out of the shackles of bianzhen. Everything is possible. />

"that is of course, this is definitely one of my tactical options," said the uncle, in response to the question of whether he would send a double forward. "Bang Bang Da players always heart have not also drops, everything depends on the manner in which they will be to help the team."

in my opinion, it is the perfect striker two origgi. He and fellow the Tektronix combination, traditional "a high speed" some variants can be used in different ways to defeat the opponent's defense.

his style of game - two points shock, anti offside vanguard - two striker as a textbook. The taikeze are more willing to play up front pivot role, such as Wilfred Boni, like cut out box ball rather than trying to defeat the transition cruising offside trap, and Phil Mino, occasionally guest striker 10 players -- is also used to play. Sturridge, cunning assassin, you can freely switch between the two modes.

this also let origgi from a tactical point becomes small all-match attack. Pay great attention to the balance of tertiary slag attack complementary, small Austrian is perhaps the universal key. The Tektronix and Phil Mino if the striker partner, is likely to occupy each other activities in the region that the wasted effort, but Origi is the perfect wingman. />

"I continue to think and summarize, and benefit a lot," Origi in an interview with the official website was asked about the impact of the team's uncle, said the impact of the. "This is a new system, which I enjoy as if it were malt sugar." Although

is too early, but the signs of attention is the small Austrian tertiary slag, and tried to make him grow into their hopes in the outstanding player. In the face of the media about Dortmund times to sign the small Austrian past events, is full of confidence in this young people openly, and Aolijize reciprocated, efforts to field performance feedback.

if you still insist on using the 4231 tertiary slag formation, then the position on the field or origgi slightly embarrassed, he had to accept the position right winger conventional rotation. He must try harder to back up and back, continue to grind your slightly jerky defensive skills, but the ability of his anti rob in front of the high speed and is wasted.

if he had the chance one featuring dual striker in - perhaps in the diamond array with a co - Tu, Okamoto or Phil in the battle, so his playing time and the competitive environment will undoubtedly greatly improved.

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