Not friendly, the prophet Martinez curse

Friendly Martinez

zuqiufan· 2016-07-15 12:58:18

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obviously, no one lost love. But how to deal with the media after the game is a very important part of.

after Chelsea 1-3 defeat to Everton, the Blues boss Mourinho because the conference too late to feel uncomfortable, even when swearing.

usually should be arranged in the front, so that they can leave early. But this time Chelsea was placed in the Everton after.

when Martinez was interviewed on the outdoor media, Mourinho stepped forward and said: "Roberto (Martinez), the next best put us in front of."

Mourinho after losing the mood is very bad, directly called the sentence: "F****** hell!"

Martinez is also very helpless, told the media: "last year he won the 6-3 when we are good, I love it when he."

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Not friendly, the prophet Martinez curse

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