Electric vehicles exceeded or not, should not let people do not ride the electric car!

Riding electric vehicles electric vehicles exceeded

diandongcheshangqing· 2016-04-21 17:17:50

most key of is why excessive electric vehicles and not ride electric vehicles, electric vehicle production, understand people electric cars have the final say, but let a group of don't ride electric vehicles pinched throat waiting for the verdict? >

relevant departments in these respects merely was "authority", while ignoring the public confidence in the ", according to the national standard has been outdated fast 20 years a serious departure from the actual needs, formulate control measures a serious departure from the actual situation of the grassroots.

we have for China's electric vehicle industry development envisaged a lot of "enemy": the invasion of foreign brands, Europe and the United States market boycott, new traffic tools impact and so on, the results did not expect real "enemy" is hanging in the head of the national standard. < span style = "font family: Microsoft YaHei, sans serif; color RGB (255, 41, 65);" > in electric vehicle savage growth of, we don't have too much to discuss national issues, one is the industry itself is a mess, we do not have such consciousness; second, did not appear similar Guangshen such "high precision" ban, we do not have a sense of crisis.

and with the two years of industrial development to the bottleneck stage, to the need to adjust and upgrade, the how to upgrade, upgrade to which aspect, the product innovation breakthrough, etc. these issues are placed in the front. But the premise of these changes is the national standard limit of how much, the industry can give the direction of the development of the reference. But < span style = "font family: Microsoft YaHei, sans serif; color RGB (255, 41, 65);" >99 years of the standard only, no too much can reference.

at the same time, local government is more and more frequently on the so-called "excessive electric cars" were heavy regulation or banned, in the electric vehicle drive in to the old motorcycle. We often see the public media like this title: more than 90% of the electric vehicles are overweight vehicles.

exactly 90% wrong the, or 10 percent wrong?

in fact also can change a way of questioning: the vast majority of China's population belong to low-income, which has about 2 million people are in the use of electric car travel, to make a living, the number of civil servants in China allegedly at around 70 million, which relates to the electric control of civil servants to have 10 million people??

what is 2 billion people mistake the, or 10 million people wrong?

these do not ride electric vehicles of people, why sit in the office on the development of the national standards of electric vehicles? Why do you have to sit in the car on the introduction of measures to ban electric vehicles?

If" exceed the standard ", I think the current number of domestic servants are serious" exceed the standard ", deputy director of the Central Party School Research Office Zhou Tianyong pointed out that the current financial support by the state China civil servants and quasi civil servants more than 70 million people," in the county rural grass-roots management framework, supported by fees and fines and other non management personnel is about 20 million , the government and the people ratio as high as 1:18. American officials and the public ratio of one ninety-eight per year for the administrative official business expenses that only accounted for 14% of total fiscal expenditure. However, China is as high as 37.58%!

you are excessive, < span style = "font family: Microsoft YaHei, sans serif; color RGB (255, 41, 65);" > just excessive electric vehicles for many people useful, civil exceeded to someone...

more industry information" style= "135brush

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