LETV denied Hisense SKYWORTH denied the shelling, the huge loss of super TV called black


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[original] WeChat HEA home network in July 14, 2016 July 14th, LETV (SZ300104) issued a Clarification Announcement, denied the purchase of American TV manufacturers Vizio. LETV said in the announcement, the relevant information reported may mislead investors, the company approved real make the following clarification: " up to now, LETV did not participate in any negotiation of the transaction. />


had some of the media reported that the U.S. TV manufacturers Vizio is the acquisition of music as a text. As of July 14th closing, LETV closed at 50.81 yuan, down 2.85%.


  according to the home appliance network access to music as the 2015 annual report, as of the end of 2015, music, as the cumulative sales of super TV has reached 4 million 500 thousand units, and in early 2015, the company's sales target is 3 million units.


LETV foreign said in its annual report, music as TV super TV complete production climbing, the company continued to optimize the supply chain, improve production capacity, to meet the consumer demand demand, price, super TV through its own brand of its own electricity supplier, cut unnecessary premium brands and channels, allowing users to get the benefits.


super TV


however, years of losses; according to the home network access LETV annual report, in fact, in charge of music as TV super TV (TV) business operations as the cause of new music (Electronic Science and technology Tianjin) Co. Ltd. in 2015, serious losses.


as LETV net company, as the new 2015 recorded operating income of about 8 billion 693 million yuan, recorded operating losses of about 974 million yuan, recorded a net loss of approximately 730 million yuan.


in the 2014 annual report, as the new electronic technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is the year operating losses of up to about 503 million yuan, a net loss of approximately 386 million yuan.


in the 2014 annual report, the annual report of the LETV explanation is a subsidiary of the company as the new large losses, mainly due to the reporting period, music as TV super TV sales growth caused by large-scale, in accordance with the company's overall operating strategy, quick profits do not depend on the current stage of the intelligent terminal product sales, is more expand the user scale, market share, so has a certain impact on the company's current profit.


TV to sell more, lose more in recent years, the huge loss of music as a super TV business, in fact far less surface sales so beautiful.


22 billion shares catch TCL


according to the company announcement, the 2016 super TV sales target is 6 million. from the number of terms, the music as super TV is not difficult to complete the established goals. The evening of May 11, 2016, TCL group announced that its subsidiary TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited and LETV subsidiary as the new electronic technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. has completed the delivery of the shares on the same day.


according to the agreement between the two sides at the end of last year, as the new HK $6.5 / share price, through music to new Hongkong in the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of investment of HK $2267525000 subscription TCL multimedia newly issued shares of 348850000 shares, the shareholding ratio of 20.1% and, to nominate 2 directors of TCL multimedia.


earlier in January 14, 2016, TCL announced, TCL and LETV in Internet business, new product development and supply chain have launched a cooperation, new product surface TV TCL with music as the joint development of 55 inches, 65 inches.


PPT denied Hisense discredit music as cheating, SKYWORTH said LETV marketing


; according to the home network, recently, Hisense, SKYWORTH, the music is very lively. In terms of music as a super TV in July 14th released a statement said, " PPT network transmission to discredit music as a super TV serious misleading users, which acts to deliberately discredit serious damage to the music as a super TV music group, reputation and goodwill.


LETV said, to the discredit materials, we think it has exposed some manufacturers of super TV leading mode of panic, it ignores the super TV brand has become a growth miracle, ignoring the stars are using, covering almost Chinese celebrity list products, ignoring the super TV to promote the industry and the world China tv. We will thoroughly investigate the rights in the end, the black material processing, and resolutely fight back.


Hisense comments online out of a marked Hisense logo internal training PPT said," our internal training materials. the cause of this thing is that the recent online out of a set of Hisense PPT logo, which is part of the existence of the page for music, music, as the content of the music.


LETV said in a statement, PPT will store policy depending on the cognitive, sales caliber, deliberate misinterpretation of false propaganda, the product is not the core technology, from the sales policy is to give businesses a business support in feed on illusions, not with words such as surgery, the partners have great doubts on the music.


  according to home appliance network access, in May 2016, Hisense and music as it has since April this year, the TV shipments and market share of who is the first to fight the war in the mouth. In 2015, millet and music as the content of who is the first big fight in the war, Hisense also added a handful of.


not long ago, SKYWORTH music TV hardware free shelling naked lies. 2016 in June 15th, in the 2016 Content Strategy Conference held SKYWORTH joint Tencent Penguin TV, SKYWORTH Group Limited, vice president, director of the Shenzhen SKYWORTH Electronics Co., -RGB company president Liu Tangzhi denounced as TV's so-called "buy content delivery hardware sales model, and described it as a" marketing gimmick cheating".


said Liu Tangzhi was foreign, if it is free, it is completely empty talk, if not, it is a hoax as well as PPT ; after all, a good product is difficult to do, if we are going to sell PPT, sell the map, who will do? Who will raise the level of industrial manufacturing? This marketing gimmick.


Liu Tangzhi believes that the hardware is not free, from the whole industry chain in terms of service from supply, R & D, manufacturing, marketing, each link needs strong support, only the links of discounted products can achieve the so-called "free", send content to buy hardware, pit is the supplier, consumer, industrial manufacturing level.

with SKYWORTH and Hisense OLED organic TV and laser theater TV for the three color TV enterprises can be described as you Changba me play rhythm! Insiders joked that, on the poor millet TV admission.

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