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Internet paradise car

wangguanxiong· 2016-07-15 16:21:13

annual WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) will release a large number of black sky breakthrough technology, but this year seems like so we are a bit disappointed. WWDC this year's main line is talk about soft and hard, did not disclose the information of iPhone7, and did not mention the legend of the iWatch2, mainly released iOS10, watchOS, also mentioned that the Siri will be brought to the Mac.

Siri as Apple launched as early as 5 years ago the voice assistant, in recent years the upgrade is a bit slow, not only in intelligence met Google Assistant the rival, in the cross operation of equipment, it is still in prehistoric times. Intelligent hardware development faster and faster, the concept of home can also be gradually become a reality, the same system will give users a lot of convenience. />


(immediately following the title of the blue word attention can get more inside, a daily depth!)

[vehicle systems: Internet companies and car manufacturers who are experts? In fact, apple />

[car networking three connection] />

is the flagship of the Ford edge for consumers "beyond the" driving experience, the SYNC3 has also been demonstrated on touch interaction. SYNC3 has a 8 inch touch screen, fully supports multi touch and gesture zoom operation, rapid response, but also to support the convenience of people accustomed to handwriting input recognition, interactive experience is beyond the same level. />

SYNC3 launched the AppLink function, compatible with many QQ music application, FM, Sina weather, dragonfly koala FM, Himalaya FM and China radio, Ford, sharp boundary as the 7 seat SUV, have a family, travel and Commerce in three different application scenarios, AppLink for different types of car users can enjoy to the music of love. />

SYNC3 speech recognition system, is currently the most convenient way to interact. Especially for Ford 7 SUV sharp boundary the flagship business and family travel, SYNC3 for daily language ability, can very good service to the family of the elderly and children, the daily conversational voice commands can bring the car to want to go to the destination.

] to vehicle systems all starting from the user demand

compared to Internet companies alone developed vehicle system, with car manufacturers push with on-board systems of more able to meet the needs of automobile driving.

with Microsoft and Ford SYNC3 as an example, we can use the following function to calculate the edge points of Ford and its target users demand: 7 SUV, travel, family travel, ride people age span, large size keys more practical for convenient operation.

style and matte leather interior, for the elite crowd to ride on the intelligent vehicle systems need to rely on products, more sense of technology. />

CarPlay compared to only support their own products, SYNC3,


car networking industry is just on the road, as Internet companies blindly reached the market far less solid and car manufacturers cooperation. The car manufacturers do not have a light channel Mingmen, more importantly they have hundreds of years for passenger service experience. All products are based on user needs, and as the car networking based vehicle system, want to get the user demand, or ultimately, car manufacturers guide. />


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