Which programming language can make the code farming earn more money?

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in a number of industries, the programmer is a high paying career. Both in foreign and domestic, the programmer's salary level is generally higher than other industry jobs.

the temptation of high pay and challenging work, so programmers have become a popular career. In the beginning of this year, Glassdoor released a survey report pointed out that in the United States, the employment situation is still good programmers. According to the report, in the top 25 of the most profitable and demand for jobs, more than half of the jobs require job seekers with programming technology. Therefore, to get a high salary is not an easy thing, you have to have a strong ability.

14's most bankable programming language according to the Rasmussen

College (Rasmussen) in an article published in May 2015 showed that in hundreds of languages, the following 14 kinds of programming language's most bankable. The article points out, this result is Rasmussen college collected in 2014 released 18 million recruitment advertising, with "average annual salary" and "Recruitment" two indicators based on analysis and get out of.

(source: Rasmussen College

) which is displayed in the Indeed.com survey data released this year, according to the number of programming jobs, ranked in the top nine programming language as follows:

photograph: www.indeed.com

learning which programming language can earn more money?

different programming languages for different systems, different engineers also need to master different programming languages.

background or server programmers usually have to understand Python, Ruby, PHP, Java or.Net, as well as knowledge of the database. The front end or the client programmer master programming language is mainly CSS, HTML and JavaScript, the ability to complete the programmer also has the ability to design.

mobile application programmers know the language is used for Objective-C or Android iOS system Java, as there are mobile web site HTML/CSS, some of them also know how the server knowledge. 3D or game developers to understand C/C++, OpenGL and animation, while having the artistic ability of the programmer will be more advantage. Efficient programmers know C/C++ and Java, and some people have the ability to mathematical and quantitative analysis.

if you don't mind the type of engineer, Python, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML and CSS these five languages are worth learning. Because every year they will appear in the "most popular programming language" list. In addition, as a programmer, you should also learn some databases, such as MongoDB, MySQL, but also to learn how to use it to program.


screenshot of the website if you want to understand the details of each programming language, you can visit the Livecoding.tv website. The latest version of the site in the 2.5 edition, there is a special section is the introduction of a variety of programming languages. It covers the basic introduction of the 266 languages, reference books, tools, programming and video and other information.

Livecoding.tv is the rise of the past two years, a special social platform for programmers to provide (the core function is to write code), PingWest products play on it has been introduced. In addition to a wide range of user familiar with the live programming and social functions, the site also provides a talent recruitment services. Programmers can write code to sell their own development projects, to fight for their own more part-time or full-time job opportunities.

note: This article from the Livecoding.tv of the submission, PingWest product play to the article to re edit the

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