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2016 in July 15th, Tianyi intelligent terminal Trade Fair held since 2009 has been officially opened, this exhibition has been successfully held seven sessions, at the same time as the 360 mobile phone exhibitors in the choice of one of the release of their own main cost-effective in today's 360 mobile phone models N4S. 360 mobile N4 as a senior model, in fact, it is only two months with the release time of the 360 mobile phone N4S is more than a month, the latter is mainly to significantly enhance the endurance of the machine.

then let us work together to experience the 360 N4S mobile phone out of the box and light experience content, if the models still want to have a more in-depth understanding, welcome to discuss and share in the comments below.

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is the same as with the previous 360 hardware product packaging, 360 mobile phone N4S package with a bright red as the main color, collocation of packaging the color of this special feeling happy, just as gifts tailored? Remove the packing of plastic film, and then tore off the edge of the seal, the show in front of me is the 360 mobile phone N4S host, is not eager to see this mysterious type?

in accessories, in addition to the main 360 mobile N4S mobile phone, also has × power adapter, USB cable (1; Micro USB × 1), × 1, SIM card thimble; mobile phone warranty certificate × 1, × 1, mobile phone instructions; like most thousand machines in the past, there is no N4S 360 mobile phone headset. In addition to the packaging of red outside, you can see the USB flat of the machine is 1 meters in length (noodles) data lines also used big red as the main color, the probability of flat wire can also reduce the data wire wound helpless.

360 mobile phone N4S supports full Netcom Dual SIM card, support mobile 4G/3G/2G, China Unicom 4G/3G/2G, 4G/3G/2G Telecom, a card optional 4G network, the other one is GSM network, while supporting 1×, LTECDMA; support Micro SD card expansion, and the maximum support 128GB expansion. 360 mobile phone N4S three two Cato scheme, when placing the Micro SD card expansion can not be placed second SIM cards.

360 N4S mobile phone equipped with infrared module, in conjunction with the system comes with the universal remote control applications, can be achieved in the hands of mobile phone remote control home appliances many, said with the application of universal remote control has more than 2 thousand electrical products database. Another 360 phone N4S the bottom of the fuselage using the USB Micro port, rather than the Type-C USB data port.

most people feel surprise is the 360 N4S mobile phone battery capacity increased to 5000 Ma battery, because the use of more advanced technology, the capacity density reached 700WH/L, 360 mobile phone N4S Aluminum Alloy battery cover in the corresponding position, cutting a groove depth of 0.45mm, the more battery volume is embedded in the metal the rear cover, increased battery capacity.

first thought, "the top of the fuselage on the left side of the sensor with cataract", later found it was a soft fill light have effect.

360 N4S mobile phone has a 8 million front camera, F/2.0 large aperture, and also has pre beauty lights, the soft lights front soft light degree is high, can show the skin more soft and natural, delicate, and not to the eyes caused by strong stimulation. Specific results, please look at the depth of the 360 mobile phone N4S depth experience. It is said that 360 mobile phone self timer function can also according to the photographer's gender and age, face, skin, tailored beauty effect, make the final presentation of the self effect is more natural.

in order to make the full metal texture, 360 mobile phone N4S range using Aluminum Alloy as body material, it is said that the metals accounted for over 98% and the use of CNC high light chamfer, both material cost and manufacturing process are unambiguous, in good faith. 360 mobile phone N4S with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 Full HD screen, up to 401 PPI, and the use of more advanced In-Cell capacitive screen full fit, can reduce the air in the middle layer, reduce the light refraction, the screen looks more clear.

in the processor, 360 N4S mobile phone equipped with a flagship processor - Helio X20 a MediaTek, Helio X10 performance ratio increased by 40%, equipped with Mali-T880 flagship graphics processor, image display capability than the previous generation by 80%, saving 40%. Test results show that the Helio X20 will have Caton in the "NBA 2K16" of the demo, but more than high-end positioning Helio X25 a smooth. Note:

only said MediaTek Helio X25 processor scheduling strategy is too conservative, resulting in A72 core processing "NBA 2K16" to play these large game situations are basically in a state of rest.

360 mobile phone N4S mobile phone in addition to outside, also equipped with a 360 OS 2 priority system, can be seen above the full texture of the intelligent scene card reminder, use time weather widget space to do visualization, fast switching can be achieved here. One model, eye pattern, driving mode, children's mode four mode of use in addition to meet the visual experience, practicality is also full of.

360 OS to his impression is that a lot of animation, including the "key to accelerate" function, when we press the function of absorbing and releasing effect it will have and like impact like a gorgeous, but in actual use the function of the screen is five seconds of time is not to do anything, it seems that this is the brilliant animation in the aftermath.

also designed a rear mounted fingerprint recognition, 360 mobile phone makes full use of the fingerprint equipment module, for example:

: the phone can touch phone;

two: call process touch fingerprint, you can open call recording, very convenient; three:

in the camera interface by touch fingerprint, complete camera movements, more convenient one hand operation; four:

will be designated as a fingerprint mobile phone number, as long as the light touch fingerprint can be dialed, convenient and efficient; five:

will be designated as specified by the App application of fingerprint as long as the touch, fingerprint, can quickly open the application;

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360 mobile phone N4S uses 16 million photosensitive element upgraded, compared to 13 million 360 pixel mobile phone N4 mobile phone has improved, 360 N4S PDAF, can achieve 0.1 seconds fast focus, and have dual color temperature double flash, natural quality is more natural clear photos of real ascension reduction degree.

rear camera

brief experience 360 Mobile phone N4S mobile phone camera, found 360 N4S in The synthesis performance at the same price as well, sometimes in the case of weak light in order to ensure the quality of 360 mobile phone N4S shutter speed will be slower, although this can better ensure the quality, but there is no anti shake function 360 mobile phone N4S will more likely to cause blurred pictures of pictures, the success rate will be decreased.

360 N4S mobile phone while non innovative masterpiece, but has a large capacity battery blessing, it can compared to ordinary function thousand yuan form a differential advantage, but also makes the body become large capacity battery more heavy, after all to the current technology, endurance and heavy body both already as the shadow follows the form.

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