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recently, Alipay launched the electronic certificate, the future users of the Internet financial assets can be demonstrated in the online issue. It is understood that this is the first time in the field of Internet banking in the field of electronic certificate services. However, there are not many institutions to accept electronic certificates.

holding the balance of assets, income and expenditure details such as

I understand electronic voucher payment function new push support issue the balance of assets, income and expenditure details such as proof. In addition, if you need to open the balance of treasure assets proved that users can contact the day Philip fund, the day Hong to the user to open the proof is due to the balance of the balance of treasure held by a certain point of time.

operation, as long as the user computer login Alipay page, select the service hall of self-service, you can see the electronic voucher option in the application service, select the proof of assets, fill in the ID number and password after confirmation of payment, electronic documents can be downloaded. Reporters found that experience, in addition to the assets that can choose to balance the details of water proof and electronic receipt issued in a certain period of time. At the same time, the relevant agencies can also be verified by the page on the "certificate" to verify the user's electronic proof of true and false.

compared to the traditional asset certificate issued, electronic documents have obvious advantages in efficiency, through the electronic documents, the user has no need to apply through the telephone customer service, visit Alipay website directly, click "one second" can be self opening all kinds of electronic certificate.

Alipay sources, as of now, the electronic voucher function on-line only 1 months time, there have been more than 300 thousand applications. Among them, the demand for bank loans and visa processing accounted for 54%. />

"if these 300 thousand copies of the electronic document seal by hand, the need for staff to cover 10 thousand chapters a day. Now, the demand is not afraid of another big, "Alipay electronic voucher project leader Li Ke said.

consulates and visa agent if approved by Alipay electronic issued proof of assets? Asked around this problem, most of the response that rarely encountered such problems, according to the current regulations, Alipay is not a substitute for bank issued proof of assets.

yesterday at the United States Consulate General in Chengdu visa service center, the staff said, according to regulations, bank deposit certificates and water is necessary, but must be the visa application materials, visa applicants I can provide all kinds of extra help the materials to apply for a visa, does not specify whether the electronic asset certificate become effective asset proof materials, the visa center does not stop and refuse, but this condition is not a decisive factor through the visa by the visa officer, according to the specific circumstances of each applicant's comprehensive evaluation.

Alipay: for more

Alipay. The official website also see: proof of user application that is often used as the income and expenditure details visa, bank loans, property disputes, litigation, tax inspectors and other affairs, and the legal effect of income and expenditure details to the relevant authorities the actual judgment shall prevail. Alipay said, only electronic documents for the traditional way of, is still not a substitute for bank deposits and water.

up to now, Alipay has more than 400 million users real name, the balance of treasure users has exceeded 200 million.

Alipay first began in 2013 to provide proof of assets service for users. Last June, micro-blog users urged the hope that Alipay and the balance of treasure like banks issued proof of personal assets, while convenient visa directly, this is micro-blog at the time caused a lot of people's attention. Subsequently, Alipay established the proof of personal assets project group, on the basis of the original unified and standardized service processes. Now, it has been upgraded from paper-based documents to be able to apply for various types of electronic documents on the internet.

Alipay insiders said, whether it is Alipay or the balance of treasure, for the user that is objective existence of things, in addition to improving unified and standardized service processes, but also active in the court, the institutions of the consulate, Bank of communication, let Alipay water proof can be recognized more social organizations, to provide users more convenience.

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University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Electronic Commerce Development Research Institute, Chinese electronic signature Expert Committee Deputy Secretary General professor Yang Jianzheng said: the electronic credit voucher developed by Alipay used electronic the signature CFCA, approved by the state of Zhejiang Electronic Certification Center, the certificate can be trusted. In 2004 promulgated the "people's Republic of China Electronic Signature Law" has made the electronic signature (electronic seal) the legal effect of electronic signature, which issued by the certification authority that approved by the state of the contract documents, have the force of law, contracts or documents can be formed to replace the traditional seal, signature.

Yang Jian Zheng professor noted that the use of electronic signature and data mining technology, to generate a qualified financial credit certificate is still a new thing for the user, to meet the increasing demands of the users of credit, which is a new field of application Internet plus financial ". In the long run, there will be more and more Internet financial enterprises to adopt this new form of electronic credit certificate.

China banking research center, Guo Tianyong had also published view, Alipay assets proved to be a proof of assets to provide financial services, is the practice of the times. Open asset proof is not the bank's patent, as long as the embassy and other institutions feel credible and acceptable, the issuing unit should not have special restrictions. He believes that more institutions to provide credible proof of assets performance and gradually improve the social credit system, credit institutions should not be monopolized by one institution, as long as they understand the customer's assets, can meet the needs to provide proof of assets, which can also promote various agencies to provide better financial competition. Service demand.

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Proof of assets! Alipay online open seconds

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Proof of assets! Alipay online open seconds

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