The film starring Zhao Wei announced the replacement issued a statement of apology: national interests above all else

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leshiyule· 2016-07-15 23:39:22

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earlier, because of Zhao Wei's the new movie" no other love "enabled Taiwan actor Leon Dai and mired in controversy. Users accused, Leon Dai involved in Taiwan independence related, the nature of this event is serious. Today, "no other love" film released an official statement, decided to replace the actor Leon Dai.
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"no other love" the film side said before not on Leon Dai's political background to do in-depth investigation, the director and the employers were hoping he can give the public is more fully, more clear, because the film team completely only a Chinese heart. But after repeated communication, a statement is still fuzzy, therefore decided to replace the actor. The other is "oversight" to friends to apologize.
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7 11 months later, the film director Zhao Wei micro-blog has issued a statement saying: "rumors" about Leon Dai, and I did not expect the crew creative team. Leon Dai has been involved in a lot of film work on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, working with the mainland for many years, in the mainland is known to people, he is not a new man. After the crew of these public opinion on the communication with Mr. Leon Dai, he made it clear that it is not "Taiwan independence", but also for friends openly declared not to accept the "Taiwan independence" of the hat. However, the controversy has not subsided, the anti was more intense criticism of users.
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