U.S. media: 8 F 20 to test or production

Plan prototype step up China

huanqiuwang· 2016-07-16 00:07:38

data figure: the spread of the network with Air Force identified 20 fighters

flight [global network reported] according to the U.S. military in July 15th issue of the Journal of "Popular Science" reported on July 13th, China Chengdu aircraft industry group in July 2016 through small batch production and manufacturing the two fighters -20 stealth fighter, the new stealth fighter ready for service increased the number to 4.

in addition, there are 8 China prototype, still under strict flight test. According to the current rate of production, Chinese aircraft manufacturing enterprises could deliver 12 fighters -20 to Chinese air force in 2017 during the -2018 years. These fighters may form a fighter formation, with initial operational capability, can perform combat missions.

the emergence of new two fighters -20 with dark gray paint, Chinese logo in the bottom of the fuselage appears air force. If 12 fighters -20 could be in service before 2018, Chinese forces will be with neighboring countries in air combat occupy technical advantage. So far, Asian neighbors have not had any country with a fifth generation fighter. As a heavy stealth fighter f -20 equipped with long-range missiles, advanced active phased array radar and electronic warfare system, thus becoming a potential rival to the US F-22 and F-35 stealth fighter. CAC group plans through a series of measures for improving the yield of F -20, such as the use of domestic engine WS-15.

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