Trump declared the state governor as the vice presidential running mate

Trump Burns governor partner

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in New York in July 15, with the previous media speculation, the U.S. presidential election Republican nominee Trump assumed "15 announced in the social media, Indiana governor Mike · Burns as his vice presidential running mate.

in the morning, Trump in his official twitter account wrote: I am pleased to announce that I have selected Indiana governor Mike · Burns as my vice presidential running mate. I will hold a press conference at 11 tomorrow morning. "Burns also said on twitter, I am honored to join the Trump team and committed to the United States to be great again.

this time from the Republican National Convention held only three days. In recent days, the U.S. media around the candidate Trump deputy has been a lot of speculation, the former speaker of the house of representatives of the house of Representatives, Gingrich, New Jersey governor Burns and Christie appear on the list.

14 day, the Trump campaign team said it would hold a press conference to announce the official candidate at 15 am at 11 am, the U.S. media have quoted an anonymous source said the person is Burns. However, Trump announced in the evening of 14, due to the French Nice terrorist attack, he will postpone the conference.

57 year old Mike · Burns January 2013 has served as governor of Indiana, previously served as chairman of the House Republican caucus, a staunch conservative. "New York Times"

said that Burns had long served as members of the ruling experience with the governor of Washington is also very familiar with the operation, this is good for the "political outsider" of Trump, and his alliance will also calm the rightist voters of Trump on social issues doubts.

however, compared with Christie, Burns, Gingrich in the United States is relatively low visibility. The data of American news website Fivethirtyeight reported that 67% of Americans are not familiar with or understand Burns, cannot say no to him, he may be the lowest visibility since 1976 vice presidential running mate.

and, in the case of Trump announced Burns as his running mate, someone with Burns in 2015, a twitter message back to him. In that message, Burns called "the prohibition of Muslim immigration calls for both provocative and unconstitutional", which is clearly Burns's speech at the time of Trump's speech. In addition, at the end of April this year, Burns also endorsed Trump's primary rival Cruz.

Capitol Hill a number of Republican big brother Trump selected Burns said support. The speaker of the house of Ruian said that he has a high opinion of Burns, who is also the fans". Mccarthy, the house majority leader, said Burns could play a "plus" effect for Trump.

Hilary campaign team chairman Podesta said, Burns is a political and economic policy of discrimination and failure of supporters, the interests of millionaires and big consortium placed above ordinary working families. Hilary team released the same day a campaign video, said Burns conservative position in the religious freedom of religious belief will lead to discrimination against gay groups. (end)

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