Japan in China at double the price of selling diapers

Japan diapers price

cankaoxiaoxiwang· 2016-07-16 06:09:03

Reference News Network reported on 16 may 7 Japanese media said the Japanese diapers sold at high price in China. The pursuit of security and assured affluent senior Japanese buy diapers, diapers can be sold for two times the price close to the Japanese market in China market, sales situation is very good.

according to "Japanese economic news" reported in July 15th, however, due to the European and American brands to step up the offensive, coupled with the participation of local manufacturers, competition is increasingly fierce. This has put forward higher request to the brand value.

Japan Kao "wonderful and comfortable" (Merries) ZhiNiaoKu (M) now in the China price equivalent to 2.3 yuan per piece of RMB (about 36 yen), and the same products in the Japanese market only sold 20 yen. Despite the impact of transport costs and tariffs and other factors, this is still a very high price from the local income level.

Japanese media said, in China, is also the senior product zhiniaoku. The popularity of diapers in the city rate is 70% to 80%, while the inland area is only about 50%. Because still in the popularization stage, even if the price is slightly expensive, high-quality diapers is also very popular.

reported that the trade statistics show that in 2015 Japan to Chinese diapers products export (including sanitary napkins) over the previous year increased by 93%. In China there are many vendors through informal channels of purchasing diapers. Due to the appreciation of the yen and Chinese government increased tariffs on non regular importers, decreased diapers imports increased by 1 to May this year, but still an increase of 13%.

Japanese companies began to produce diapers from about 30 years ago. Large manufacturers to reduce costs, the yield is quite high, more than 90%. 30 years ago, the price is 100 yen per piece of diapers, now only 1/5 of the price you can buy. The supermarket and drugstore price competition is fierce.

reported that, on the other hand, China's wealthy class continues to increase. To the coastal areas as the center, in some areas the per capita GDP of more than 20 thousand u.. In the context of economic slowdown, a lot of people are still willing to spend money for children to buy safe products. The Japanese made high-quality diapers despite the high price, but the air permeability and water absorption is good, more and more middle class also choose Japanese diapers.

however, the daily necessities are mostly real estate sales. Especially the diapers of large volume, a lot of people think that eventually become the mainstream or local production of diapers. Unitya (Unicharm) and other large Japanese manufacturers have also increased production in the local, but the local product price is set lower than the Japanese products.

it is assumed that the world diaper market will be extended in 2020 to about 7 trillion yen scale, now more than 30%. Procter & Gamble (P&G) and other European and American companies have also strengthened the offensive, the local manufacturers are also actively involved. If the local production increase, the price downward pressure will increase.

to maintain consumer demand for Japanese goods, the Japanese company must cooperate with non-woven cloth diapers, polymer absorption resin and adhesives and other raw materials manufacturers. Credit Suisse Group survey analyst Mori Shoji pointed out: Japanese companies have the ability to carry out the whole process from raw materials to products, it is necessary to improve the performance of the product. "Japanese companies need to maintain brand value. (compile / Ma Xiaoyun)

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