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[global network reported] according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on July 14th, recently, Poland 2 year old dog Sheila (Shila) in the placement of 3D printing experience prosthetic lawn after the accident, once again stood up. This groundbreaking surgery not only made poor Sheila a new life, but also a landmark in the medical field.


as a result of a lawn accident, Sheila was unable to cut off the hind legs, normal walking, can only drag the stump to move forward, very poor. Surgery prepared for 3 months, the Poland veterinary team after consultation, and finally decided to use titanium to produce artificial limbs for Sheila. After the operation, the doctor gently placed Sheila on the metal table, to help it stand, the picture is very warm heart.

, MD, Richard, said: "it will soon be able to walk. Now it's trying to grab the ground with the new hind legs, which makes us feel happy." At present, Sheila still need some time to adapt to its artificial limb, so that the muscles of the hind legs regain power. (internship compilation: Ren sun reviewer: Zhu Yingku

: Li Shan

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