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Toxicity buttocks back nuclear monopoly

diankeji· 2016-07-16 07:15:53

07 11 is Nintendo's former president Iwata So's anniversary, in the business before the start, first please allow electric technology recalling Cong brother because it is, it works in its lifetime: "Poké mon" Go detonated the world and caused unprecedented social phenomenon!

" by Niantic Labs and the spirit treasure can dream together to create, phenomenal mobile games using simple AR technology, far more than using the same mechanism of "Ingress", in just a few days of limited opening test conditions created the record has been enough to beat "LOL", "watch" the hegemony game pioneer, has become a hot topic in the center. According to analysts, the game has created a revenue of about $fourteen million.

the occasion to marketing, can only be used to describe articles. Not only easily captured the old powder sought after, even the face Meng forced passers-by have powder with the trend of moving. Affected by the impact of Nintendo's stock price rose continuously, with good results. Although the old term is not the biggest beneficiary.

IGN and other mainstream media are given the score is more moderate, but it does not hinder the craze sweeping trend. This work has been occupied by Android and Apple App store on top of the list. Game on the line only three days the game server has collapsed three times. Not only that, the social networking platform, its spread has spread to areas outside of the game among the Twitter, Tinder become the crazy Shuabing more than 900 thousand of the initiator of evil, in the network. Domestic micro-blog on the number of topics is also more than 8 million. Almost every day about the news of the game came out.

: the spread of the virus from the mobilization of this

is to see Ge You lying "Pokemon" series, with magical properties recorded obvious to people, Mobile Games created however, more rarely, the effect of the spread of the virus like game player is driven unprecedented.

the spread of the Internet before such a piece; an American man at 3 in the morning to go out and play "Pokemon Go", go to the Road Museum Road by the two brothers stopped, to retain the truth to join together first block, the three hit it off, immediately wipe out the spark of love, then the police uncle came to you at night the park will be private, is not to engage in dirty poison (P) products trading (Y).

and the three face Meng forced after some explanation, finally showed the game, the police see! Horizontal trough! Niu force ~ on the spot to join the team to download the hey together. Four happy life starts...

no matter whether it is true in an absurd piece, ridicule full description of the people of the heat.

the GO "dream" elf treasure can use a combination of virtual and reality, really fun game player to capture the spirit, is surprised to other people's sense of achievement. Even though the opponent is a little rough in the modeling and in a long period of time to play a monotonous, a little boring game is the current game needs to be resolved. As is shown in the IGN evaluation, the need to further polish and perfect the content, in order to bring a truly wonderful social experience.

no matter what, this is a point of seemingly positive energy is not controversial. That is the game so that a lot of home play take the initiative to step out of the house, and even actively carry out hiking activities. After all, you only hold the phone to sneak away to

is likely to encounter the wizard.

for this to go out for fun to play a game player mechanism, already will "demon treasure dream: Go" positioning for the weight off the house artifact, and that in order to catch the spirit of running 15 kilometers even abdominal muscles are out of practice it was not consciously! People into the national fitness era, while adding a called "emerging cult from charging treasure and do not sleep for fairy". Class= img_box "

had to praise the next Nintendo (as hell). Twenty years ago, this constantly break the game of the legend of the company's home circle circle in the home. Twenty years later, still have the ability to use a popular Mobile Games, then the house were out of the house, even away from the street (the key can let them enjoy it). You know in the first test area of Australia at a time when the winter, a trainer wrapped in cotton monkey in the street walk, even at night in the graveyard are human. How is today, no wonder netizens lamented Melbourne has fallen.

only, in effect level, most can not be ignored is different from personal injuries and accidents and accidents intrusions. Accident:

's drowning that thing is not called

since "elf treasure can dream GO" since the advent of social media is the emergence of a large number of users regardless of personal safety to the various dangerous areas collect elf news.

security has always been the main principle of game development. For example, developers selected Gym and Poké stops (Poké stops is holding a series of "treasure" of the site, including Poke Ball and elves eggs, Poké stops is normally found in the landmark buildings, such as historic buildings, museums, art galleries, will exist in the parking lot and a commercial block) the main place of the standard is that they need to secure enough. At the same time, developers are also banned from the wizard appeared in the road.

Niantic's intention is to create a safe enough for the game player, but also encourages them to exercise more games down from the sofa, so Niantic is trying to find a balance between the two. But with the surge in the number of

in the game because the wounded and the It is often seen.. By the parties from the game player is in wonderful anecdotes. Because there are addicted to the game, risking his job - in ready to give birth, wife still catch elves, was found floating in the play the way, cracked the case. It was handed over to the police by the way to teach the police how to play.

also came from a base of the military said that the entire military base of people are playing this game, and even the rumors of a pilot in order to find the baby to climb into the fighter. The use of Poké and even reckless with greed; mon GO committed robbery crime. The police said in a statement, the suspect by using Poké mon in GO after PokeStops to lure their game player to ambush the phenomenon of strong rob... This is not only a

blockbuster game player returns and diffusion effect of fanaticism, the social impact of a game and by extension is also noteworthy worries.

: the wizard trainer can run into the box through the toilet?

some people say, play VR funny look more interesting than the content of the VR game. Similarly, full street with a mobile phone to find a virtual thing, but also an ordinary person can not understand the behavior. But when you play the game to break the wall dimension, you will not care about other people's lives. According to this characteristic, make people easy to indulge in them, and have no time to take into account the real situation.

believes that the majority of the crowd in the game is a loyal fan of the pocket monsters and young people. The mind is not yet mature, sound group, a very easy to indulge in outdoor work, the potential consequences can lead to the current has been revealed, if found accidentally drowned corpse event is purely coincidental. So just think of a minor as a collection of wizard and witnessed together without the involvement of the danger or into a place where this is not the involvement and how?

prior to the developer program will be originally set in Washington, DC, the Holocaust Museum of the three Poké stops point removed from the app. It is for everyone to play the wizard treasure dream Go, some of the action will lead to controversy. For example, the player in the Museum of the Nazi gas chamber of the gas gas bombs, it is obvious to the dead who do not respect. A

with real map data, using a mobile phone to capture in real life Pocket Monster games, means you have to travel the whole city into the toilet, into the hall, and even military heavy to get your dream elf. Don't scare, its toxicity is enough to change our daily life, to guide our behavior.

brain hole conspiracy theory: preliminary work is through a war of aggression Mobile Games implementation of

addition on the game some brain hole wide open chest to potential hazards, sources said, because users of the game is growing day by day and many people began to make excuses to escape from work, resulting in GDP has dropped a lot. Need to often go "treasure to be specific place to dream site" Tun Poke Ball, lane is bad also can easily cause feelings of jealousy between men and women, and emotional breakdown, affect the race... "

also has bold argument up to land safety, according to the netizens speculated that Google's global positioning combined with the game invented in Japan, coupled with the GPS mobile game player can easily track, find Chinese most secret base.

according to this reasoning; an important military base is people can not enter the preliminary exploration of Japan and the United States together first through a period of time, generally find out the secret base of the range, then the most likely is the secret base point brush rare or out of print wizard, at this time, there will be a vast force of crazy loyalty fly to catch, which further confirmed the specific position, if once war broke out we will be disadvantaged. I suppose the government blocked Google and the game itself is not open, perhaps because of comprehensive consideration to this problem.

and whether this brain hole whether there can be a foothold for a single a Mobile Games thought into my inward is too dramatic, but according to some authoritative analysts said; in the current fragmentation, user entertainment needs fast food the popularity of the game, or it will be difficult to long-term. In an interview, he said: this game requires players to leave the home of the sofa to go out to play, when the phone is low and they feel tired of the time, the novelty will disappear naturally. Estimated that "the wizard of treasure dream GO" can be in the first position in the list for four months, and then will fall.

currently does not include comics, cartoons, toys and Dojinshi derivatives, elf treasure can dream series has sold 200 million copies worldwide. By the invincible IP, Nintendo will be able to chew on death. The "demon treasure can dream GO" just a few days will get millions of users, but also create tens of millions of dollars, and the exchange of elves, on days after additional ranking functions, believe that the vitality of the game can continue. Finally, for the

whether the introduction of domestic, imported in what form, there are people eager to come, some people may think they would rather spend the Internet than to the scientific work of domestic agents is one hundred times better. In fact, China is also part of game player at half time is short to enjoy the game, but the game player who has shisuizhiwei, tasted the sweetness, because of this domestic game player is so craving domestic.

recent radio game review is also made thus, with gradually raise a Babel of criticism of, audit monopoly, this system is to stifle independent development sure. In most of the domestic independent developers will be forced, only depend on under the Tencent and other predators. The inevitable difficulties are "the spirit of the dream GO" this can produce the phenomenon of the effect of the feelings of the. Class= img_box "

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