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wrote | Wang Liming (Professor of Life Sciences Research Institute of Zhejiang University)

if you read the first three articles in this series, for Dr. should read, where reading, with three questions who read have a positive answer. Next, you will have to face a real problem is: Doctor five years, how should I have? Class= img_box "


you may say, this still use ask? You don't have said that, Dr. reading goal is to give the future scientific research during the occupation preparation, PhD is I do not bow to work, do a lot of research published more papers on the line?

is really not so simple. To study for a doctorate is not a short time. For five years, occupied the modern people life and three or four percent of the working life of the 1/10 to two, this figure did not let you think straight hair? For example, if your goal is five years, the papers, and published in the best magazine (with our biological field, you think about CNS= + + natural science journal Cell), and you work hard, and successfully published in "nature" of your paper, sounds good?

but you have not thought about, if five years you harvest only this, that means you can have long life value, and so on to measure the value of ten papers. Do you want to own life's full value is more than a dozen papers?

at least I do not want to - although this life is probably not a few "nature", I still think that their life can be colorful swaying posture, absolutely more than a small stack of the value of the paper. So I think five years, you should have a more content.

if you agree with me, then, and I drank a bowl of chicken soup, the wang!

arrange for your research

, of course, Dr. five years, the weight of scientific research is still the most important. Conservative estimate, at least half of these five years, 90% of the time, 70% of the logic of thinking and feelings will be invested in your PhD research.

but you have thought about what kind of research to do, how to do, in five years what kind of progress and gain?

here, a grand introduction to you a map. This picture is from the Uri Alon system in 2009 the famous biologist "molecular cell" magazine (Molecular Cell) published an article "how to choose a good scientific problems" (How to choose a good scientific problem).

the core idea of" this picture is the scientific problem in accordance with the two dimensions: feasibility (i.e. difficulty) and scientific interest (i.e. knowledge harvest size). According to the two dimensions, we can get four kinds of potential scientific problems at once: simple but small harvest (the so-called "low hanging fruit" with extreme ease), simple but difficult harvest, harvest at the same time, difficult and small harvest.

and our first advice is to try to avoid making the difficult and the scientific project that is not harvested at the same time.

this may sound self-evident, but at least in biological studies, I have seen a lot of people who have a sense of the feeling: difficult research = important research. An experimental process is cumbersome, or need to its sophisticated technology, or consume a lot of time, we often have an illusion: it can be done to solve important scientific problems. From this picture we can immediately understand the difficulty and the harvest is actually two factors unrelated.

according to this picture I feel slightly modified, can be used to study the planning guidance PhD five years: just start doing the research of doctoral students should be from simple but scientific problems start small harvest; then slowly transition to still relatively simple, but more scientific knowledge and those difficult problems; at the same time, along with the important scientific problems of knowledge accumulation, may be more suitable for the study of high grade students and postdoctoral graduation with no pressure.

why do you say that? Research of

low difficulty harvest small and easy to use, and more likely to have an advanced stage, it seems to me that science will give trainee scientists provide a good hand, get feedback, and quickly accumulated confidence opportunity. At the same time, most of the domestic research institutions, doctoral graduate degrees have specific publication requirements (the biological majors often have the journal impact factor required -- a request I am opposed but must endure). A difficult task, the harvest of small, can help students in the school for a long time to publish an academic paper, at least to solve the worries of graduation. I have always believed that scientific research is free to explore the cause, burdened with a variety of restrictions and fetters is to do good research. I would rather my students, can not take into account in the graduation pressure conditions, with pure curiosity, interest and enthusiasm to do more of their PhD thesis. Of course

further, I believe that any one interested in scientific research institutions of doctoral students, will not meet the research in this play edge ball, do some scrap. So practice warm-up, logical, explore scientific problems, you should start chasing more and more important, more in-depth scientific discovery. And at this stage, I think it is also the beginning of doctoral students to form their own research interests and research style of the stage.

we have said before in the article that the beauty of scientific research is that you will never be able to use the universal standard to measure her beauty and meaning. So for you - a PhD graduate student, what kind of research is "interesting", only "meaningful", it is more suitable for you? Do you prefer to do it or do you like it? Like to observe the occasional phenomenon or like quantitative research? Love is for the last piece of blank theory up, or simply open up a new battlefield?

of course, this phase of the doctoral students probably not fully control their own research topics, still need a lot of input and help instructors. But I'm sure your research will begin with your personal stamp ". From a specific experimental arrangement, to the design of the experimental logic chain, to discover the summary and refining, you should try to start with their own ideas.

and you really experienced complete scientific research program (which generally includes exploratory research, system research -- data analysis -- a summary of discovery process: Writing - submission and Publication), began to experience the beauty and excitement of scientific discovery, then, you may do is to start looking for its own the research fields and problems, and she often located in that difficult, but the harvest is great quadrant. You may have heard a word called "blue ocean" from the various media, in fact, is this meaning. The reason is very simple, as an independent study of a new generation of scientists and researchers in the future, you need to be filled with an unknown problem, competition is not so intense, can let you explore research field for many years, and this field is more difficult -- if not difficult to be studied out early good?

here to sum up, I think of planning doctoral ideal should be an interesting topic easy to use on your way to accumulate confidence; a thorough research problem really make scientific discoveries and the formation of personal style; then began looking for their own scientific research field in the problem more difficult blue sea. Of course, such a description may be too idealistic. After all, five years time is not short for a lot of experimental subjects is not long, can not really go over these three steps who can not be expected. But even in five years, I think this syllogism, may also be for planning your scientific research help.

planning your career

or that sentence, Dr. five years is a short time, you certainly do not want the meaning of the five years time can be used to weigh a few pages of paper. Five years after graduation, in addition to leave some meaningful research results, you should also strive to find their own career direction, and strive to make you become a better social workers.

so out of research, you need to start planning your own career. And for the PhD students, I think a particularly important task may be to understand the world in the end is how to return a responsibility". This is not the

sounds too far?

let me give you a small example. Over the past two or three years, I often asked I met naturally or half unconsciously biological majors / graduate students, after graduation to do what work. Many people will say "to continue to do research", but also a lot of people will say, do not want to do research, and would like to find a job". Then I will continue to ask, if you want to do research, then graduate to do to let you find a position of independent research? Or if you don't want to do research, what's your idea of a job?

then I heard the answer is very interesting...... I found a lot of students who aspire to do research, but also not very clear in today's research environment, want to work in a first-class research institutions need to prepare: where to do postdoctoral training? How to plan their own research and papers published? Need to consider research funding? How to build a network of contacts and find partners? How to write the future research plan? And so on. And those who want to leave the academic circle of the students may be more in the lack of knowledge. For example, many students will say, oh I don't want to do the research, then I went to the factory sales it (or a very common opposite answer is that I do not want to sell, then I do research.). In other words, these students in mind, the industry's understanding is very superficial rough: a pharmaceutical factory is probably only two departments, R & D department responsible for drug manufacturing, sales department is responsible for making money selling medicine (then in pharmaceutical production / marketing / quality / purchasing / logistics / legal / business / Government / relationship medical affairs / human resources / environment / health plant maintenance departments students too much to handle)?.

so, there are a lot of doctoral students, in fact, do not understand the world in the end is how to return a responsibility". Interested in scientific research career of students, perhaps well aware of their own research, familiar to progress, but completely probably don't know how to develop their own scientific research occupation, how to prepare, how to apply for a job, how to run his own lab, how to bring the students. Want to leave the academic students, also has a high probability did not understand even the basic facts and logic and their professional is very similar to the industry, the industry needs to do not know what kind of person do not know what they can do and what kind of work.

and this is the most basic, the most close to the doctor's own interests of the world it. Outside of your attention, do you know what is the focus of each subject in the field of the moment? Do you know where the world is giving birth to exciting scientific events? Whether to know why this summer water towns of Wuhan? What does it mean for Trump to be the Republican nominee and the British? There is no concern about the domestic air and soil pollution monitoring and control, on the current hot education and medical difficulties have what their own ideas? This busy world is actually not far away from you, you do not want to be about 30 years old and she knew nothing about it?

you might say, these I care ah! But my own work is doing research, I do not have the time and energy, and there is no channel to more in-depth understanding of these issues ah.

so here I again in accordance with the practice, gives an operational advice: chat.

science and engineering doctoral students are very easy and diverse backgrounds and industry people into the chat mode. This and you are not independent of introversion extroversion and what you do, is tall or down to earth.

way to crack is that everyone has the curiosity.

said that we learn biology students. In fact, you are not aware of, you start from the University of professional accumulation, even in your own eyes how bland, for many many outsiders friends are very fresh meaningful? From tomato (Cherry Tomatoes) is not genetically modified, cold to eat antibiotics, Zika virus influence to the Rio Olympics or on Mars is not there are aliens, we learn the knowledge of biological fact than we know is much broader, especially compared with other backgrounds, maybe a little bit more, this is a little bit you will become astepping-stone to success, make it easier for you to know the other industry friends, also more easily learned from them on the outside world Institute of biological sciences.

chat, you may be the entrance from the specific scientific problems of their own research looked, to understand the world. Next, you need more down-to-earth opportunities to see the world. The school community? Practice? Summer practice? Short-term investigation and research? I believe, as long as the first step bravely, you should be able to find suitable occupation development slowly find your own way, in doing research at the same time, a better understanding of what is going on in the world, find the occupation development direction of its own.

start your life

finished the research and career, and finally simply talk about life.

in my previous article discussed, go abroad to read a doctor, may be especially a big harvest is not on, but life: compared with domestic 3.1 typical students way of life, generally go abroad to study, you will have a higher income, need independent scholarship arrangements for their basic necessities of life, there will be more cars and a large range of activities, leisure time will be more -- this means you will be like most people in this society, began to live independently in early 20 when. And you stay at home reading students, may be night five years to leave the campus, leave the dormitory canteen laboratory 3.1, to how to arrange three meals a day and spend the weekend.

you may have seen from various media to Dr. groups at -- and these are almost laughed at and doctors life ability: walking on the street have lost their way home ah, do not wash clothes to wear ah, love can turn a few words began to talk about the topic ah, don't buy things by bargaining kill ah...... As a glorious doctor, I am disgusted with this group (and it is the responsibility of the future of the world's tall upper group) to buckle the behavior of the mouth of the mouth. But I also think, this is a reminder, Dr. five years is indeed a good opportunity to start a life of independence.

, for example, how much salary per month scholarship arrangements, the balance should be spent on something; the city style and what kind of characteristics, there is no time to savor; love and friends chat what topics, how to arrange together this weekend?

to speak a little bit more, you want to become a what kind of person in the future, what kind of clothes to wear, thinking about what kind of problem, where and who is doing what kind of work? What do you expect your partner to look like, and what kind of things do you like to do with her / him? Do you think the world is how in the future, you are willing to work for the future, as well as a rallying cry?

sorry, maybe I'm too sentimental. Everyone's life should have the same wonderful, no one should make improper guidance. I sincerely hope to see this article of every doctoral students, can spend five years of academic achievements, the heart of the world's five years, and have not the same wonderful five years.

finally, let's talk about the employment of the doctors, especially the employment of the biological doctors. Please look forward to the next. -

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