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tuwanwang· 2016-07-16 12:21:40

recently, Nanjing Yuhuatai City Public Security Bureau cracked a theft suspect Tianmou case series, 4 consecutive months of stealing more than ten restaurants, without tools, looking specifically unlocked doors and windows store

recently, Nanjing Yuhuatai City Public Security Bureau cracked theft Chuanan suspect Tianmou 4 months continuous theft of more than ten the restaurant, without tools, looking specifically unlocked doors and windows store, by sliding door window drill crime, was arrested when Tianmou is an Internet cafe to sleep, night work recharge, according to Tianmou account of the stolen "illegal income" from Internet and maintain normal eating expenses. Most of them used to buy virtual gifts to broadcast platform anchor.

network broadcast is popular, the audience "gift" is a major source of income for anchors (source network)

ten restaurant was stolen

in March 21st this year, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing City, a barbecue shop to the core Bridge police station the morning, found the shop counter placed below 1000 yuan of business models take wings to itself, the police immediately went to the scene to view surveillance video shows a man on the same day at 1 pm, occurred at the counter, has been squatting in the dark like what, then got up and left the Hotel, the monitor screen to capture the masked the white part of the facial mask man.

after the incident, the police on the barbecue shop near the high street shops and the masses visited Mopai found near many shops have business cash stolen, stolen just because the amount is not much, so not to the police.

police to monitor these shops after carding found there a number of shops in the monitoring picture of the man was wearing a white mask, appearance in March 21st and grill crime suspects consistent. There is a restaurant with three consecutive stolen in a few months, several hundred yuan in cash two stores and a hard disk is stolen, the owner did not alarm, but in the early morning of July 3rd, the store was again the "specificity" of the thieves, 1000 yuan in cash was stolen, the owner of it to the police. The evening of July 2nd, there is also a casserole shop near to the Core Bridge police station said the store cash was stolen, he was just leaving the counter to the customer to do casserole, soon turned back, the cabinet below the cash was gone, only a few coins, sand pot customers also disappeared, so he immediately to the police station. The image retrieval monitoring casserole shop, police found the suspect in the appearance, including clothing and many small restaurants around the theft suspects are very similar, then the police were the focus of the investigation of the suspects. After police investigators found that the suspect was a total of more than a dozen restaurants were stealing. The police arrested the suspect in the cafe

through the surrounding all kinds of leisure and entertainment for visits Mopai, investigators finally found in a cafe, a man wearing a very similar appearance and the suspect, after careful comparison, the police confirmed that the man is the police to find the suspect. In July 8th, the man was sleeping when the police investigators in the cafe to wake up, "I am not a dream?" the frightened suspects were brought back to the police.

after investigation, the man surnamed Tian, 24 years old this year, Jiangsu Baoying County, in the face of video surveillance and police interrogation, Tianmou admitted his theft of more than a dozen consecutive roadside stores. When he was arrested, the police also found his body from his crime with a white mask. At present, the suspect has been detained by police.

to send a female anchor thousands of dollars "gift"

Tian Mou account, he came to Nanjing in March this year, there is no legitimate income, he was wearing a white mask every time he was committing the crime. Every crime he chose to shut the doors and windows no shops, from the window into the interior of crime, themselves without any tools.

Tianmou accumulated stolen cash of about 10 thousand yuan, when asked about the money used in what place, Tianmou said he left only a small part of the money for their own Internet and eat and drink, usually live frugally, the rest of the money used to buy virtual broadcast platform anchor "gift". Tianmou said

is only the beginning of a boring bit into the studio, from female anchor beauty and talent attraction, want to obtain the favor and interactive anchor, to spend money to buy virtual gifts ranging from the price of every kind of anchor. Tianmou said, if sent gifts to female anchor, anchor will be in the tens of thousands of people live in the name you, to say thank you, or love than interaction like, which makes him very satisfied, so he often send gifts to female anchor. When money is not enough, he wanted to go out to steal, as of the incident, a total of Tian gave the female anchor sent thousands of dollars of virtual gifts.

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