Austria fat with Kobe challenge Duncan for the golden generation of James Huangshi from the old brother hard three | reading

Kobe the golden generation

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today is Baer 27 birthday, wu-k'ung, Happy birthday!

; "between the two points of the shortest line, it is because of that era without Baer, let us revisit the classic screen again!

; "C Luo Real Madrid star to win the 2016 European Cup after a good mood, he recently bought a $1 million 700 thousand Bugatti Dragon Award themselves. Although C lo in the final due to injury leave, and will therefore miss the Super Cup, but C Lo announced in his hand car when still very excited, he wrote pictures published on Instagram:" the beast to "|C Ronaldo: really expensive, I spent half a month salary!

in the car; "this thing, it is just a means of transport, but not all the girls love the car, there are some kind of female 'love small animal, such as Land Rover, BMW, Jaguar, Hummer, Bugatti Veyron | to move bricks...

the capital of Turkey Ankara coup, the situation is very tense, which will be held the Eto'O charity game are cancelled. The game was scheduled to invite Messi, Puyol, Deco, Abidal, Zal and other stars in and o. But because Turkey is currently tight style= line-height: "

; "the Olympic Games approaching, the training time can not relax guoping. In Chengdu's training base on the wall like a piece of A4 paper, right in the middle of the title " "is the imitation of the watch", the following is a list of numerous names, each specifically assigned to different countries players, "line-height: 1.6 which was some guy's name. In order to let them Guoping generals ahead of time to adapt to your opponent's play, the maximum to imitate the

"according to media reports, Lebron - James Knight won the core in the summer of three hard ball, he will accept the former teammate Damon - Jones's guide. During the summer season in Las Vegas, James will follow Jones three points training. | James: our country people not to sign a big star, can only rely on their own

; "that James day plus three practice after the ball, another James sit still. Las Vegas sun, the outdoor temperature up to 39. Is in such a condition, the Rockets star James Harden also with a bunch of rockets teammates in the outdoor training.

; "the summer to join the Hawks center Dwight Howard TV interview, talking with Kobe and harden the two generation superstar point guard partner failed to achieve success, Howard believes that because the partner's not the right time, Kobe in the twilight of his career harden, are on the rise of "line-height: 1.6 period. And the Lakers and rockets are totally different. | that OK combination to win, Kobe is what?

"warriors star Stephen - Curitiba said in an interview that he had in the past year the sports the best time is ": Kobe Bryant retired speaking of the past year, it is difficult for you to go beyond Kobe and Payton - Manning's retirement. Kobe at his last style= line-height: " a game in which he got 60 points." | Curitiba: get the championship is not the best Comet to Erwin!

"(today's interactive: Duncan retired, marks except Garnett 96, 97 generation star bid farewell to the NBA stage. Big shark O'neal recently in the style= line-height: "Ins

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