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Anita Mui abalone mama big brother

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a woman such as the flower is like a dream

unknowingly Anita Mui has been away for nearly 13 years

Anita Mui its heritage including in Hongkong, London and Tokyo, a number of real estate.

died when Anita Mui real estate worth about HK $35 million,

has risen to billions of dollars.

Anita Mui was worried about his mother, old men,

will give HSBC Heritage Trust Agency

monthly living expenses to take care of mother Mei.

point, Anita Mui's legacy is not

all leave their loved ones (mother, brother)

to mentor stylist

Anita Mui is a Buddhist, a

, there are two property in Mui 100 year-end old

donated to the Buddhist association.

after the death of ashes on Lantau Island, Tiantan Buddha monastery,

also for "Hongkong girl" Anita Mui is a

for guests to visit and pay tribute to ↓ ↓ ↓

mother queen does not accept the contents of the will,

wanted to get all the heritage,

refers to the year Anita Mui is in confusion under the condition of

was signed the will, and the eldest son of Mei Qiming

from the start of a long road

is the mother of two heritage around,

huge fees resulting in two bankruptcy ↓ ↓ ↓

legal problems let Tan Meijin, Mei Qiming two the bankruptcy,

"troublesome" became the mother of two magic

early let Jackie Chan, Andy Lau also refers to a group of friends and even fans from


bankruptcy is supposed to be worry about the life of

recently, meiqiming was photographed in the trench to eat abalone!

meiqiming eat Abalone Restaurant is not cheap restaurant

but the average cost of 2-400 yuan mid-range restaurant

and Mei Qiming

looks very familiar with the waiter laughing like ↓ ↓ ↓

< After /p>

told reporters that he ate only has been just &darr &darr ↓ abalone;

is expensive, unlike the bankrupt style

asked why

Hao, meiqiming says it's because won the lottery!

coincides with the first anniversary of the restaurant, took 500 coupons

this can go!!

bankruptcy period, Anita Mui heritage has not got the hands of

so chic really good?

's mother queen so hard "troublesome"

son who is eating abalone.

no wonder Anita Mui's legacy is not left to her mother and brother at once!

queen suspected of living expenses each month less, plus 100 thousand


< /p>

to pay about 2000000 lawyers meima

from hundreds of thousands of monthly arrears before life fees deducted after deducting meima each

only a month can get about 30 thousand dollars

but the more than and 90 year old mother in an interview with

< P> was asked to eat what the reporter usually said

only 30 thousand yuan a month! Eat pigs are not bad!!

in front of reporters

day old man, the taste can be really heavy!

30 thousand dollars a month to eat pig bad enough? What

is so expensive rancid pig!!

Mui Ma said before 120 thousand,

rent what things are enough do not owe

but now in picking up trash everywhere, picked up what eat what

picked up to eat cabbage cabbage, should not be so miserable?

Mei mom so exaggerated, the audience is also drunk in the end of the month 30 thousand Hong Kong dollars (26 thousand yuan)


is what concept?

data show that Hongkong's per capita GDP is $40 thousand,

≈ 310 thousand Hong Kong dollars, the monthly average of about 20 thousand and 5 Hong Kong dollars ~

93 years to do what Qin $

can receive a monthly HK $30 thousand,

has been leading the millions of people in Hongkong

no wonder judge will say: "you say hard, you take

every month 3 all that hard work,

there are millions of people in Hongkong than you hard"

Diva mother can give a monthly 30 thousand

in 30 thousand Hong Kong dollars per month is only temporary

Mui bankruptcy in April has expired,

can get more than 100 thousand monthly living expenses all hot

wow! 90 years old,

queen is relatively rich!

was asked to pay billions of dollars of real estate

Mui Ma said that he did not get a penny"

meiqiming bankruptcy period still eat abalone, Mui Ma Qin want to get $

so difficult

daughter heritage all this is" money "!

Anita Mui had a poor mother gambling

by her mother as "shake Qian Shu" at the age of

5 in the dance hall and the loss of precious childhood

brother is also not good to do business, but also the loss of tens of millions of sister

Anita Mui childhood did not go to school,

has been living.

so will also set aside some funds to fund their own nephew to go to school

. The most sad is

, at the Anita Mui cancer during

with her mother mentioned most is money! The

heritage case, Anita Mui's godmother Fu Ruina as a witness in court

she admits that the relationship between Anita Mui and his mother is not very good.

has repeatedly saw Anita Mui on the phone with her mother after

is unhappy

shortly after Anita Mui open condition,

will call the queen asked her for the money, "

2013 Anita Mui 50 birthday of Albert, because there is not much heritage

the auction began,

even began to auction the trophy remains.

by including "rouge" got the Golden Horse Award

but with 300 yuan auction, very excited!

people might say that Anita Mui's mother and brother too pit

this family is really boring but later Qin $

too miserable

premature death of his wife, 2 children was originally a pair of "good"

's 4 children have cancer,

in Mei Aifang, Anita Mui suffering from cervical cancer after the death of his son Mei Deming in two laryngeal cancer death

from Anita Mui Died 12 years after the death of his son

two let Mui Mui

hardly wished to live. Burenxinkan son just die

also went to Guangzhou to find the best doctor to cure

son after the death of Mei Deming, Qin

dollars even burial without too much money

choice is the cheapest funeral home.

15 2 years, Ichiko has died of cancer from the history of women, now only $

Tan Son meiqiming ↓ ↓ ↓

Mei Deming died, the eldest son of Mei Qiming was also found cancer

The egg size of internal intestinal tumor

tumor of the doctor even doctors are intimidated by Mei Qiming

said this is half human half.

it is said that Anita Mui is a typical "Fan Shengmei family"

queen greedy for money but miserably to outliving,

a gift the 3 children's

also said that Anita Mui was the daughter of

do not need to pay for the family, mother brother so stingy.

now has 93 year old Queen Mother Mei,

old age reduced this situation really sympathy, I

Mei mother can no longer live

money so tangled. Class= img_box "

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