Wang Xiaochuan and Li Zhifei are all in class, what, what innovators alliance?

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what can let go ask Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan, CEO Li Zhifei, Bo Manhui, high CEO air travel aspect Rong capital founding partner of Yue Bin in different areas of the big brothers gathered? And what characters, can let these big brother sit to listen to a lesson?

" singularity & innovator summit "period, the geeks Park innovators alliance held closed door Workshop, called the league members to communicate with industry heavyweights. This is a global front Workshop, vision is to let the world's Top50 University senior professors to bring their leading projects to china.

this time invited Professor Standford   Walter Greenleaf, the popularity of the application of VR in the medical industry from the perspective of industry.

and video game is driving the development of the VR, but I think the medicine will be the largest market for VR.

Ong>Walter Greenleaf professor said, the 4 aspects of the combination of VR and medical treatment are mainly focused on the following:

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VR medical intervention involving multiple branches, including trauma, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, addiction, fear, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder etc.. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

Walter cited one example: "a lot of addiction is psychological addiction, not physical addiction.". For example, we use VR to simulate the alcoholism, alcohol temptation scene, with the help of confidence training scenarios and restraint hormone secretion. Can also be designed for public speaking virtual environment, so that the public speaking fear of speech in front of the public. "

in clinical diagnosis, VR is mainly to help to improve the efficiency. The traditional methods of clinical diagnosis through paper and pen, through an interview and observation to draw some meaningful conclusions more difficult.

Walter professor Greenleaf said: "the use of virtual reality technology, we can design the patient in the virtual environment, and who exchange interaction. And in the virtual reality of the world which can be moving and moving, you can determine whether they have a stroke. Can also change the location of his home in the virtual reality, to determine whether he can return to his new home. Virtual reality can help us to better complete the psychological assessment and clinical diagnosis. "

virtual reality in medical training for many years in this regard, has spent 1 billion dollars, but before the technology is called virtual reality, but called operation simulation.

"3D data we collect X optical and magnetic resonance, gather them into a model, let the doctor to simulate the corresponding operation, but the problem of training center of the cost is very expensive, the cost of equipment is very expensive, but now the cost of VR fall, can be extended to the world. "Professor Greenleaf Walter said.

clinical technology, surgical techniques, and medical equipment, the use of interactive skills, teamwork, emergency treatment can be carried out using VR preview. Some manufacturers introduced the equipment, so that clinicians can use VR technology to practice surgery, there is a double feedback visual and tactile. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the technical aspects of training, VR technology has also been applied to the medical staff empathy training. Walter Greenleaf professor

with VR technology for medical the training has gradually become the training standard, and will become the industry standard operation.

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"on health care VR also has a lot of effect and we can set up a virtual character who is overweight, take the weight in different ways in the virtual reality, so as to help people achieve this purpose in reality. "Professor Greenleaf Walter said.

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mentioned above, in this conference guests backgrounds, programmers born CEO, there are also concerns about cutting-edge technology investors, cross-border thinking wipe out many sparks collision.

a participant considered that the most simple path is through the search engine, through some existing applications, to find itself enough interest. For example, the film sold worldwide and expression package.

and guests feel that the research behind the huge potential, such as some people see the ducks do not love, probably because he did not correspond with the ducks, may be happy, he grew up without something. There is no possibility, through the VR found that he did not perceive this thing, you can pass him some information to him, and ultimately he has a common sense of this thing. This is very meaningful, and it may eliminate crime.

Second, before the children in the hospital for surgery under a lot of pressure, the scenario after surgery with VR, let them experience once, alleviate the fear of the unknown, the pressure of grafting. If this kind of Frontier Medical treatment is carried out in China, what is the problem? Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

if you have to implement this VR medical treatment in China, from private hospitals and kindergartens began more feasible. The parents of these children's parents spending power is relatively strong, the high degree of acceptance of the high-tech.

questioned this way, think this thing can not completely solve the problem that it is obvious that even children using the VR technology process of an operation experience, when the knife over, will eventually be afraid. There is also a view, VR process simulation of mobile phone is only a supplementary means, parents are more concerned about the surgery doctors if good doctor.

finally, Professor Greenleaf Walter said in an interview with VR medical geeks Park, there is a long way to go, delay, image reality, somatosensory and other key points to solve many technical. Theoretically speaking, VR can indeed improve the work efficiency and results in many areas, but also need to convince more clinical trials to prove the feasibility of things. We also need to contact more practical aspects of team and products can make VR up to the practical application, of course, this also with AI, interaction design, image processing and other technology combined to play more use value.

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