He wears a T-shirt of gold by 12 men killed out of the car show

T wealth gold India

fenghuangzixun· 2016-07-17 07:33:18

had to wear gold Puge armor is his dream.

according to Hong Kong media reports, Kim love mad India pimpri Regal (Datta Phuge) Thursday Puge were killed, 12 suspects carrying a scythe and the stone blow, Puge hospital after death. The police arrested 5 suspects, one of whom is the nephew of Puge, suspected of money dispute incident. The

on Thursday evening, 48 year old and 22 year old son Puge were invited to attend a birthday party, when they drive to arrive at the party place, the attackers from Puge pulled the car, there are 12 suspects with a sickle and a stone beaten to death puge. The 22 year old son of Shu Puge bujan driving a car passed by, witnessed the attack, but did not attack. Shu bujan said know most of the perpetrators. From the beginning of 2013

Puge became famous, he had engaged in the loan industry ho throw 187 thousand pounds to build a weight of 3.5 kg, by 15 workers made gold armor, a self proclaimed "pimpri gold han". When they go out have Puge bodyguards, but the day of the incident has not been accompanied by bodyguards.

compiler: Feng Xiaojiang

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