Mizuhara Kiko did not clarify Faye Wong's daughter Dou Jingtong insulted China 5 words behind

Dou Jingtong Faye Wong Suwon film daughter

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Dou Jingtong and Mizuhara Kiko in private good relations between the "center"

Dou Jingtong micro-blog

. According to Taiwan media reported in July 16th when the "electric" reported that Zhao Wei's second movie "no other" love is not released last month shot, first attracted a lot of controversy, yesterday (15 days) in the Japanese actress Mizuhara Kiko recorded the evening, a positive response to her all unfavorable rumors, and they have a lot of friends Chinese solemnly said, would never do anything to disgrace China action in this regard, her bestie, Faye Wong's daughter is good days Dou Jingtong also forwarded behind.

Mizuhara Kiko yesterday to makeup, black coat film back against her recording the rumors, the Internet has spread suspected her visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, and the photos in the photo of the Japanese militarism flag before, she made it clear that she had not denied, in addition to like about a friend in front of the Tiananmen in a photograph than that. Mizuhara Kiko said at the time just to encourage friends opened the account so often by the other praise, she immediately found photos with back praise, sorry to have caused you dispute.

and Mizuhara Kiko publicly explain their origin, referring to his American father, mother is Korean Japanese, due to family relations, made her feel in the global village, but also for peace, there are many private Chinese friends of her she can't do anything about this culture despise each other. And is often photographed with Mizuhara Kiko Dou Jingtong last night party, low-key forwarded her apology to explain this film, "she wanted to say," behind a friend, friends also like Jingtong sinus enough loyalty: "my friend is pushed to a child is also very helpless in the teeth of the storm,".

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