U.S. Navy operations minister to visit China to talk about the South China Sea will be boarded Liaoning ship

Liaoning ship Navy South China Sea Minister

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data figure: Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning ship

original title: foreign media: Secretary of the United States Naval operations in the 17 day visit to China on the South China Sea will reach Liaoning ship

Reference News Network July 16 foreign media reported that the U.S. Navy announced on 14, the Secretary of the Navy Combat John · admiral Richardson will visit China, to explore the South Sea China safety matters.

according to the "stars and stripes" website reported on July 14th, a press release said the Navy, Richardson during the visit of three days China will visit the people's Liberation Army Navy facilities, and held a meeting with the PLA Navy commander admiral Wu Shengli.

in addition to the South China Sea issue, the two will also be expected to discuss other issues of lesser controversy, including the recent joint military exercises held in the Pacific rim.

Richardson will visit Beijing and Qingdao in July 17th. This is his first visit to china.

according to the Navy press release, Richardson will visit China's PLA Navy Submarine Academy as well as the aircraft carrier Liaoning ship.

according to Agence France-Presse in July 15th reported that the U.S. Navy said 14, the United States and the Chinese Navy's commander will hold a meeting.

, chief of naval operations John · admiral Richardson is for a three day visit to Beijing and the coastal city of Qingdao from 17 onwards, will be held during the meeting with Admiral Wu Shengli China.

Beijing was angered by the ruling made by the Hague arbitration tribunal 12 days, ruling that China's sovereignty over the South China Sea is not valid.

has the world's largest naval power in the United States stationed in the region have warships. From last year, it is still in the area for the three time "freedom of navigation" action, sent warships into Beijing in the South Sea Chinese artificial island built within 12 nautical miles, to show Washington does not accept Chinese territory sovereignty.

despite the tense situation continues to intensify, but the Sino US Navy still maintained a contact, trying to minimize the risk of any misunderstanding.

China was invited to participate in this year's Pacific Rim military exercise, the exercise is currently held in the waters between Hawaii and California.

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