The old skin has new skin care arthorn added source plan frame!

Skin plan border BGM

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source program name arthorn skin source added wind end plan

#p# source program: arthorn loading frame #e#

this paper by rabbit play network Liquid original, reproduced please specify!

yesterday, in the new series of source program will be on the line of skin, the test of the old skin loading screen frame source program to make adjustments, to solve the source plan frame and interface border conflict phenomenon. One concern is that this change not only covers the second generation source program: Master Yi, Lei Erna, Lu Xian, rob, sword Kyi, Julie arthorn also received this award program source frame. The second generation source program loading border is the beginning of the line to buy the skin of the gift, the new addition of the border is currently unknown, need to wait on the line after the official announcement.

last year after the source program series skin debut, the "metal gear" arthorn's skin was renamed the "source plan wind", but only because of the skin design approximation and renamed and did not get their identity in the game player, even the official launch of the source program did not see the real picture arthorn figure. The skin after the launch, the second generation of the five future heroes are obtained in cool interface border (limited free), but jaszo, seems to be in a "father mother love" of the situation, the lack of this iconic feature belongs to all the source program.

" at that time, many users have expressed doubts, many of which are arthorn enthusiasts for sub cable grievance, such posts, micro-blog meet the eye everywhere.

then arthorn source plan skin is yours? The design of the source program is defined by the following: the individual's supernatural attributes are created by the combination of advanced weapons and human body enhancement. Under the interaction of technology and energy, the host can make this trait out of the body, and even beyond the limits of the body. Only those extreme mental focus, while physical capacity of individual anomalies can really master alloy strength, one of the most obvious external manifestations is the "particle dissipation effect looks very magical, but also make you feel full of sense of technology". In contrast, arthorn's "source plan wind", either skill or ordinary attack, full of sense of future technology and particle effects are flying along, completely conforms to the source program in this series is designed. So from the beginning, the source of the wind is the root of the red seedlings of the source of a series of a member, to join the border is also a matter of time.

the source program frame is to name the source plan arthorn's skin, finally a reason not to buy "source plan wind": no load into the frame, also disappear. I wonder if this was a middle all-powerful Assassin King can take back everyone's vision? Let us look forward to.

#p# source program: AIKE #e#

source program: AIKE

AIKE source plan of skin is green, with his unique armor crazy hair cast a madman type image.

skin model is very cool, AIKE big sword and behind the time regulator into high-tech. The skin itself is full of special effects, special effects and Skin theme, tone is green, reflecting the uninhibited character of AIKE.

to the city of animation: unlike other skin to animation, AIKE will be back to the fountain to transfer the form of particles, it seems that his time regulator also upgraded. Class= img_box "

" tells a joke: the source plan AIKE will become very cute, and the Q version of the ordinary skin style is very different.

Q and passive skill effects: passive trigger, behind AIKE will have a very beautiful path can see his shadow moving route, strokes have become clearer. Q skill effects have also changed, after the hit will transform into a triangular emblem.

W special effects skills: skills from the array is more clear, a good trigger dizziness after.

E effects: after the skill roll ring looks more obvious. Class= img_box "

R skills special effects: time back!

death animation: AIKE will open after the death of his time regulator, transferred to other places, it is time.

#p# source program: Katerina Katerina

source program: "img_box" id= "id_imagebox_12" style= "='>

source program Carter's skin tone is pink, and somewhat similar to before the sword Ji skin, especially Carter's hair and other common skin looks different even the youngest sister, sexy to the extreme.

from the skin of the model can be seen, Carter's double knife modeling is a subtle difference, presumably for Carter, her double knife use certainly has not the same place.

is still in the pink skin effects, all the skills have corresponding effects, especially the effects of extremely beautiful strokes.

to Carter: she'll be back in the circle back and forth pose, it looks like her character is not quiet down. Class= img_box "

common attack & passive: damage hit will have a particle effect, with higher clarity. And after the attack to kill the enemy, Carter after the activation of her body will have a special effect.

Q skills: this animation is really flying across many times you see are not greasy.

W skills: Carter's W plan seems to be more common than?? of course it is looks like this.

E skills: just fly past Carter who will become empty, because the E skills will provide damage reduction effects for her.

R skills: ultimate death lotus circle also have special lighting effects, seem overbearing.

death animation: Carter helpless lying on the roadside, a knife inserted around her favorite.

#p# source program: AI #e#

source program:

queen EICH has long been the new skin, the skin effect can be said to be the source plan three hero's best, the other is AI a women's eagle eye feeling, futuristic styling themselves, the main color of skin is ice blue, EICH itself attributes and "ice" the same again.

EICH occasionally took off her hat, you can clearly see her face, want to die in such a high value of Yan beauty is also very cool right arrow. (D)

, of course, the source of the program is the most gorgeous skill effects of the magic, each skill has a different skills with the previous special effects.

to the city of animation: EICH waved her bow to her assailants will be punished! "

non combat state, EICH occasionally the conversion between not wearing a hat and wearing a hat. Class= img_box "

joke: AI Xi and her reconnaissance UAV communication.

Dance: Eich's bow will become the stage lights, and will be a EICH dance! And EICH also comes with BGM, is worthy of the queen. This bowl of soil for this I do for worship! "

attacks: Hey! You ai Pugong without so gorgeous! See this already don't want to play other ADC. Class= img_box "

Q "content_img_p" skills: Q animation more good-looking... Silly series has been blind to see.

W skills: This arrows seem hard to hide ah...

E skills: Eagle became the UAV, there will be a follow-up to particle effects.

R skills: big explosions can clearly see the influence extent.

death: the skin like "dead" slower than ordinary animation longer, you can zoom in to slowly appreciate beauty queen: D

in the launch of the new source program of skin at the same time, the company also fist prototype design of a new skin to guard such as AI, the eye is not more difficult to remove some

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