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the following contents according to inve as vice president and general manager Zhang Jianzhong and China District Green pupil visual association founding Houchao human ancestors in the park geeks innovators summit "singularity 2016 - What' s next about VR" closed door forum speech finishing.

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" NVIDIA: three times

I think a lot of people think VR is a very new technology, everyone Think 2015 is the first year of the VR. In fact, I think VR this technology we see it is too new, in fact, VR is a very old technology, it is not before we have a lot of people born, 60 years ago, VR has already begun to try. To a large equipment to install, feeling or simulation, so that the VR itself is not a new technology is an old technology, but in this process there are many researchers spend a lot of time to make VR technology progress. Style= margin: "1.4em 20px

in fact, every 10 years, 20 years, VR technology has different changes. In these changes, we see about in 1968 when someone put VR on the head to move, and now we are in the form of a similar.

we think 2015 when VR first year, this time began with the first generation of helmet when you experience a sudden feel very shocked, think VR has a great leap of science and technology. If compare with history, what is the reason for the 2015 helmet to give consumers the first shock effect, rather than the 60 years of VR only in the lab expert simulation, because we released a new GPU back in 2015.

we are ready in the next generation of the overall performance three times. In the non-stop change, VR is really able to enter the consumer, enter the practical stage, the performance of GPU is to have a very strong computing power to improve, in order to meet the needs of our users.

10 years ago, "we may not have GPU GPU, a very short time, in recent years the development of a block, bring the computational capabilities, our best VR helmet when you see, you find a lot of VR experience let a person feel not satisfactory, the resolution is not high enough. When every one of us has a retina screen after the phone, when you see the point can not be seen again, the accuracy will be able to meet the needs of our users. Today, you will find the helmet with a picture of each pixel is very thick, until one day after a very fine pixel, your eyes do not have to find the quality of the image, then the quality of VR will be very different from today.

in the VR world has many applications, we need a lot of realistic simulation in the development, you must have a good method to simulate the real world, we have tools to help developers create better content. Style= margin: "1.4em 20px

no good content of technology is not mature, content driven technology development, technology development has also led to the content of progress, in which VR system is the core content of the key developers. VR's engine and content are very important.

this several points together the whole VR industry from the traditional to the new stage, we can have a great improvement in the content, but the upgrade requires a powerful GPU to drive performance. Last year's product is the world's fastest, but can only reach 60 frames. When we zoom into about two eyes rendering, assuming the resolution is 3000 * 1680, the computing power needed to 450MP/S, basically you want to expand 7 times rendering ability, you must have the computing power of GPU 7 times, but this is very difficult to know.

this is our products released this year, which is in all sites with sales among the best selling video card, GTX 1080, only it can meet HTC Vive. To enhance the rendering power of 7 times, we do in 1080 of the graphics on the. In addition to the entire GPU performance improvement, we added a lot of VRWorks suite technology. In the inside it adds a new rendering engine in GPU rendering at the same time, not only the eyes to see the rendering part, it put about the direction of your render all over, when your head and move around when they don't need to do a job. You don't need to be calculated when the GPU is moving at the time of rendering a 360 degree mirror. This method can be used to see the entire face or your eyes can see the perspective of the scope of the whole picture rendering. Such a way in the GPU ability is not enough time, can achieve very good performance, your head or left and right move when don't need to render again.

we put the eyes to see the picture refraction into the surface of your eyeball, in this way the graphics rendering capabilities of GPU up to 7 times, such benefits can make all the calculation which reduces a lot of computation, you will see VR the performance in the 1080 card than GTX960 up to 7 times. Can make Vive HTC up to 140 frames.

at the same time we also do some very good development tools, these tools include a lot of physical simulation of SDK, including PHYSX, split into small particles do many simulation of molecular motion, also can do a lot of fluid simulation, can do a lot of fine buildings, fine to each tiny pieces, let it have the actual effect. Can see a lot of war scenes, broken objects.

how to embody this, we have to make many developers learn to use these new SDK, we made a game called FUNHOUSE, suggest that everyone enjoy experience the FUNHOUSE effects, we are going to open source code on the Internet, so that all developers download. We are also going to the game development community with the country, to provide you with the corresponding technical support, the church every developer has the ability to develop a more realistic nature of the game effect.

this what effect, I suggest everyone find equipment to experience, this model is very simple, the physical effects of simple analog playground, all trajectories are the same, if basketball can produce gravitational acceleration, rebound and collision results it is very true, the balloon of the particles broken, if the game development, can develop very fine, if the development of very fine for our GPU will be very troublesome, you will soon seckill our 1080, some people may buy 4 dollars, but also to promote the development of our next generation GPU as soon as possible. In fact, a lot of people think this video card is too slow, which is why GPU accelerated development in recent years, the process.

to make these things do very well, AUDIO is a very important point, in order to do this, this is a very simple sound is refracted and reflected, for GPU it is very easy, because the GPU has a special ray tracing engine, if there is a sound inside more easily, the sound source is not so, but the light will be many, we use this algorithm to the VRWorks suite. Of course, every one of us will urgently need to be listed as soon as possible, the good news is that it will soon, the bad news is to wait for two years Volta.

this year if we are investors, you will find that the investment of two technology one is AI, one is VR, all of which is based on the GPU, if an enterprise does not understand GPU development, you give it is a waste of investment and because it is very difficult to find the source of his application driven technology.

summarize the VR, I believe VR for our whole ecological system, whether it is to do HMD, engine or game park, if you have what help we can find NVIDIA, we are also willing to work with all colleagues, all ecosystems the partners take VR to a new height, this is a very good point, investment and global development of the world, the starting point is the same, no more than China absolute organic successively, other countries around the world, we also hope that Chinese developers can become the world's most developers, thank you!

" > Green pupil vision: single technology to succeed

behind our trying for a long time, we chose the virtual reality theme park in this direction, in 2015, a lot of people involved in the field of virtual reality is to Denver, there is a very interesting story, then the Chefs Association run in VR to do so for a period of time is not the same as he wanted to, he insisted for half a year into about 600000, with their results do not think the same, found that the pit is too deep. Style= margin: "1.4em 20px

I said first current was determined to track the market, then studied several, including in Xbox, PS etc.. In the PS tracking system with interactive games combined, we feel that sitting there playing cool enough, the green Tong is bigger and product positioning tracking, not small. I might be a desktop level, PS can take my place. We later positioning is to refer to the foreign model, to do the theme park VR.

this is when we were in the analysis of each plate, this is some information in foreign countries, we can see that every field needs to be tracked. I was the first to do the field of virtual reality education, we need to track, or simulated training, followed by the simulation is more and more important to realize.

this is did some contrast, as has been done on this one, so a lot of time will be asked about your differences there, for example, Kinect is Microsoft's accessories, the value is very cheap, but also the most widely used. But Kinect is difficult to combine with VR to do some good content. Kinect only 30 frames of the frame, so the picture has obvious delay. If the combination of VR to do some depth of interaction, I may also have a combination of props and products, there is no way to support Kinect.

such as VR experience when people go in or just provisions only in my hope surrounding the helmet, props in the infrared, stick to the gun, the gun can be wood the gun, which can be done in a virtual reality cool gun, immersion will take you in. Style=

there is also a laser transmitter base station which is now the HTC is doing the most widely used. SLAM, now very red, everyone to use in the chase, because now most tracing scheme for a relatively large space limit, we hope I can get rid of all the shackles of the camera in the helmet, using SLAM to do. But its data is very large, including delay, from the real business is still a distance. Style= margin: "1.4em 20px box-sizing:; border-box line-height:; 1.7rem

laser radar at all of the VR experience in the domestic line of the experience basically have not seen, the high cost of laser radar. For example, I am in the infrared point, the point can be attached to this point can be a serial number, such as the serial number is 1, but the laser radar can not do, there will be a number of second interference factors. Style=

this is what we now give to their own positioning: sell the best tracking products. The nature of the first team to determine the nature of our entire team of 90% partial R & D, but also specializing in tracking this, based on the situation we specialize in tracking products. Our own profit model, the realization of the channels are relatively clear.

this is what we do VR theme park the whole architecture, experience in the virtual reality, the largest piece on the tracking system, now a lot of virtual reality experience, such as I do it at a shopping mall in Shanghai, but the efficiency is very low, only one or two people an hour experience, the US is now more inclined to cooperate with others. Our cooperation with rice, the movie Xuanfa to find the bright spot, and it has its own IP and content.

the top part is Cameras, we have some for visible light, infrared filter. For this site, there are certain requirements for the light, for example Cameras with strong pass, the Cameras tracking system are not particularly stable, when the details of the things we practice, found a lot of things than you think too much.

this is combined with tight direction, the first is the next line experience, VR theme park we do now, offline experience this way in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have some demonstration points out, can see, and basically three months in one iteration.

education piece, more as a training of interaction requirements are relatively high, hope the students through this way, some operating through virtual environment, we can get some experience in learning.

the military, the demand is relatively large, but relatively high threshold, the military part of the security mechanism, so do the marketing company no technology, no such qualification is not done directly, and the cycle is relatively long, not necessarily for what we are doing now.

television animation, film and television animation in the film base inside, with our cooperation, we solve the technical side of things, the specific application of what they practice through their way back, they go through the feedback iteration.

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