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Liu Shishi Haren short hair or

juziyule· 2016-07-17 11:02:56

Liu Shishi said the airport street, we have to take a lot of time to see it! After marriage she live more and more young, in addition to the hair into a playful meatball head, clothing style has great changes, for example:

the Korean fan children leisure ~

or ~

, but today, orange again found... The poem style becomes a bit faster! Short hair does not say, also a few previous attempts to comb the points, a lady, a woman!

in the clothing, emphasis on personality style, Haren pants go, this is not a rebellious rock young woman necessary? It is hard to imagine the poems unexpectedly also wore! Strong sense of binding is real design to the orange sandals, Jun is the feeling of the whole people take on an altogether new aspect! Class= "img_box" id= collocation

black and white is very consistent with her low-key personality ~ in his side is shy little woman!

wears a pair of glasses and the square watch, simply a literary young woman down to earth! Class= img_box "

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after marriage eighteen turns really not false!

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