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Rainie Yang sentimental four fit

wangyiyule· 2016-07-17 11:05:14

4in love and Willber Pan

entertainment NetEase reported on July 17th , according to Taiwan media reports, by Rainie Yang, Sunnie Huang, Leng Jialin and Windie were the women's "4 in love", made his debut in 2000 although only 2 album will be disbanded, but members their feelings are quite good, even 16 years the sisters, still to the party. In July 15th, Sunnie Huang shared the "4 in love" fit, four girls to Willber Pan's party, but he is responsible for when daddy, let the sisters to take a chat.

Sunnie Huang said yesterday in the face book: "4 in Old party! The same time the party completely enough ah, I talk to … … the laugh (super helpful fetal education). This more mystery guest 'pan handsome uncle', ha ha, because just meeting place away from Pan handsome very near, put him to the … … evolved into uncle is very busy. Friends not too much time, I love my sister … … 4ever, thanks to handsome ah &hellip &hellip pan entertainment;; "Willber Pan

in the photo holding Windie's daughter" Po "actually violent cry, Windie explained in micro-blog because her daughter to sleep so make angry.

it is understood that the 4in love except Rainie Yang three former members have wife and mother, only Rainie Yang is still with her boyfriend (Li Ronghao) sweet love.

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