In 2018 Win10 can reach 1 billion installation? Microsoft executives now change


aifaner· 2016-07-17 11:53:25

had to admit that the growth rate of 10 Windows is amazing.
although before the "mandatory upgrade event" for users not too friendly, but it is Windows 10 has an objective to increase.
according to the data released by StatCounter, Windows 10 installs on the week of July 11th there was a small peak, but also since last August after the upgrade, the highest number for a week.
Microsoft Windows machine Myerson
this for Microsoft, may be in line with previous expectations. A year ago, Microsoft on the installation of Windows 10, said: "
by the middle of 2018, there will be 1 billion or to the equipment installed on Windows 10 system.
but Microsoft executives change. Recently, they said in an interview with the media ZDNet, may not be able to achieve this goal in 2018. Style= color: "inherit
7 15, that is, on Friday, ZDNet's editor, Bott Ed, released the news in a blog post. He pointed out in the blog, Microsoft's official spokesman said they may not be able to achieve in the middle of 2018, the 1 billion devices installed on Windows 10 this goal.
in Ed Bott interview, Microsoft spokesman issued a public statement: "
then editor Mary Foley in its official website released the interview reports, to confirm the authenticity of this event.
this" to 2018 year, 1 billion sets of equipment installed on the Windows 10 "is expected, Microsoft Windows equipment director Terry Myerson in 2015 Build Conference on Windows 10, initially expected to do.
and our understanding is not the same, then the expected Terry Myerson not only refers to all desktops and laptops and other PC products, including Windows Phone, Xbox One intelligent mobile phone game machine, Surface Hub phone conference system, HoloLens augmented reality glasses and a variety of networking equipment etc..
then that part of Microsoft executives also believe that running Windows 10 Mobile Windows Phone will help Microsoft achieve this goal.
at the same time in 2017, the main show, commercial mobile phone market Surface Phone may also bring a certain amount of lifting equipment installation.
this projected down, or to the abacus ring, but the truth is not so smooth.
see a sales decline in the status quo, Windows Phone since April 2015, the market share began to decline further, see hope Microsoft intends to focus moved to other products. During his visit, Microsoft also acknowledged that Phone Windows is no longer a company focused on the business in 2016.
installed on the MacBook Windows 10 atmosphere than before obviously
and old users to upgrade the enthusiasm is not high in a factor.
before removing the mandatory upgrade users, now going directly from the Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 users is not too much. In our country, some users may not adapt to the operation, some of the old office software is not compatible and other issues to abandon the upgrade Windows 10. This lack of internal power to upgrade the situation, but also for the Windows update process dragged back. Style= color: "inherit font-size:; inherit margin:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px
after how to adjust the depth of cooperation, such as searching for hardware vendors to implement pre plan (such as millet) and other means to enhance the equipment installation, it will be important to consider the future direction of Microsoft.
so, love Fan Jun want to ask: in front of the computer and mobile phone before you now in which a computer system? Is there a desire to upgrade to Windows 10? What are the reasons for your consideration?

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