VR will take Sichuan to Cannes BlueMP lead the new trend of mobile marketing


CnMoAd· 2016-07-17 11:54:43

as China local marketing communication BlueFocus group, June 2016 officially unveiled the sixty-third session of the Cannes International Festival of creativity. For the first time to bring BlueFocus Cannes, produced by the BlueMP cereal VR video "Hello, Cannes". This VR video is creative, performed by BlueMP cereal, to show the mature technology and excellent insight into the field of BlueMP cereal in mobile marketing.

"Hello Cannes" this VR video by "Sichuan Opera Face" theme, showing Chinese traditional culture to the world's top creative people. The video shows two Sichuan opera face the actors, a red and blue, representing the collision and fusion of eastern and Western culture, more representative of BlueFocus become a relentless pursuit of world-class brand marketing communication industry.

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VR will take Sichuan to Cannes BlueMP lead the new trend of mobile marketing

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