The European Cup best should give monk Pepe

European Cup

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European Cup quzhongrensan, Portugal in the playoffs defensive impressive. In addition to defender Pepe Welsh in the semi-finals due to injury, the remaining 6 games were amazing and stable. Only 6 games have 1 yellow cards, the monk head no longer intermittent short circuit. 33 year old Portuguese Brazilian in the final even fight to the limit of the body. />

of the European Cup, Pepe as the backbone of the defense, has almost become a byword for the three group phase, and the first in Iceland and Austria to draw, draw, and finally came to a dramatic 3:3 of hungary. Carefully watch the three game, Pepe was in Iceland for the first make a mistake and Hungary scoring battle, the problem in the form of the midfield. Only in the 1/4 knockout after he was beaten by Lewandowski and a final was be taken by surprise, Gignac moment, there was no major mistakes.

coach Santos after the game in the group will be decisive to veteran Ricardo - Carvalho on the bench, made Southampton captain Wundtian -- even Pepe in the semi-finals of the injury, Santos Bruno Alves, have no chance to old Carvalho. The Paibingbuzhen move from Portugal through knockout, is almost a cornerstone of the championship. According to a

ice data, Pepe and Wundt's European Cup data are as follows (click View):

1/8 tournament in Croatia, the final against France, Pepe and Wundt data abnormal eye-catching. In the face of soldiers arrives, Portugal defender Gemini has enough hardness, aggressive defense, coverage, thanks to steady play Feng Te, Pepe on the tartan army match with William Carvalho, the success of frozen Rakiti. Figure

1/8 knockout Pepe as follows:


can see, Pepe's high active defensive range has been extended to other areas thirty meters in the middle, this position is mainly run Perisic, rakitic. In view of the fact that Rakiti is Croatia people attacking the engine of his personal guard to let Croatia in front of the organization that is greatly reduced, indeed.

and Rakitic hot figure too horrible to look at.


No. 7 Croatia, the game did not exist at all, he was Pepe restricted entirely to the left side of the road running, and ran to the right side, it will encounter black and hard as the shadow follows the form personal closing down. Activity area with high incidence of

Pepe and />

1/4 playoff against Poland, Portugal Gemini opening of a sold adorable Cedric pit a (his roof just because, tall enough) and William - Carvalho back is not timely, Lavon got the European Cup with a goal so far only then...... He was taking turns against Pepe and the von te war of attrition.

is running in front of God above hot, very unfortunate, he became Pepe's deep hatred, while on the left, he even entered the area are difficult, Gloski with Lavon pinning had some opportunities, but in Sanchez head no fever, no such opportunity. Para

Pepe and Lavon are very interesting, he not only can Lavon very sick, in the "predator Sanchez" under the help of the Portuguese attack started from the spot closing down the midfield, a local counterattack full of sound and colour.

Wundt's personal data is not so eye-catching, 1 steals and 3 blocked 3 rescue 1 blocking the passing 0 blocked shots, from hot spots can be seen, he will be most offensive threat Polish barrier inside, as a defensive judgment benchmark, Wundt selection determines the Portuguese defence. The scale, is also responsible for the eradication of left Pepe Lavon mark the hidden - Southampton captain done almost perfect. />


Portugal array in the majority of young people, Eduardo (GK), Patricio (GK), Pepe (guard) and Bruno Alves (guard), Quaresma (forward), Nani (forward), C Ronaldo (forward) experienced the 2012 semi-finals. And Carvalho Ricardo and C Luo are the 2004 European Cup final experience. />



in the face of the strong French Wundtian covering the left half court defense, Portugal back in the two lines in no adverse situation C Ronaldo under strong resistance, and sometimes hit the high back, gave confidence to the coach Santos. He put the last substitutions to the winner of the Ed team won the final.


in the monk mark, Giroux played limited. The left side of the road, the restricted area of the left ribs and the three areas are relatively small, and the opportunity to invade Portugal's restricted area is not much (if he runs a larger range, in fact, will be better).

paillet on the left to provide enough support to Giroux and Griezmann, but on this side, Pepe, Sanchez, William, Carvalho, and Nani will help Cedric to establish a solid regional defense circle. The 1991 young and Wundtian are club teammates, Pepe helped him to resolve a lot of pressure.

Griezmann runs throughout the whole area of thirty square meters, he avoided the William - Carvalho in the middle of the defense, in the two rib driving is very successful, the other area right can get enough points of attack (opening two shots from the region), it is not difficult to understand why Pepe appears in red this half activity hot trend.

Pepe was successful in the final defense, after the French attack Daojianchang mainly lies in the lack of a better series, in the local in Portugal multiple defense. According to regional defense construction, Pepe won a majority of the individual against their own physical serious overdraft. Midfielder Sanchez, fullback Cedric are young, Pepe from the command of defense to focus, to personally, almost perfect.

6 games down, the success rate of Pepe's short respectively: 89.2%, 90.9%, 86%, 71.7%, 72.4%, 92.3%, of Croatia and Poland, where he is suffering more frontcourt closing down, data decline, overall fairly stable. Wundt in 4 playoff games to pass the success rate is even more alarming, respectively 83.8%, 84.2%, 94.4%, 98.3%, to ensure that Portugal in the attack stage, team work orderly and stable.

in the regular time to draw six eventually went to the European Championship podium, a great tribute to Pepe. />

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