SJ Siwon gave fans a handwritten word is really nice!

SJ Siwon

xingmingwanghanyusudi· 2016-07-17 14:03:30


look at the text written by Siwon... Small things.

Super Junior; "Siwon yesterday (16 days) in the official website for fans to upload handwritten Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Super Junior Japan official website update and English four versions). The first figure is Siwon's makeup artist friends in Instagram to share the status of light, friendly and handsome.

> we Korean

Chinese (small to see you "brilliant blooming flowers" and "principal tone" like cadence... Really want to ask Siwon where to learn Chinese to learn the ha ha ha!!! Can go when the poet

) -

Print "text-indent: 2em;"

> Print Japanese

italways fans in mind, so warm and sweet idol, of course let a person look more love!

source: Sina

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